Shrink Sleeves

With a maximum display area and 360-degree branding, shrink sleeves have a powerful shelf appearance and high visual impact. With our in-house experts and state-of-the-art distortion softeware, we specialize in adding sleeves to any container shape, no matter how complex.

Shrink sleeve technology for the packaging industry was introduced in 2009. That same year, Inovar become one of the first printing companies in the nation to produce shrink sleeves, making them a pioneer in the industry.

This technology is still maturing, but growth is strong, currently claiming 18 percent of the global market share (source: AWA Global Sleeve Label Market Study). We believe those numbers are on the rise and more and more companies will be transitioning their products to shrink sleeves.

Our design and technical experts work with you to create shrink sleeves that pop from store shelves. We offer many sleeve options to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Body sleeves. This sleeve goes around the full product but does not include the cap.
  • Full-body sleeves. This sleeve goes around the full product, including (covering) the cap.
  • Partial body sleeves, also known as belly bands. This is where a substrate goes around the product, but does not cover the full space.
  • Safety/security neckbands. This printable, tamper-proof neckband goes over the lid of a product and can be perforated for easier removal.
  • Group sleeves: This is where the sleeve – body or belly band – goes around more than one product, grouping them for sale as one.

Sleeve Printing Options:

  • Matte finish
  • Gloss finish
  • Metallic ink
  • Clear sides with tick marks, enabling users to gauge how much is left in the bottle
  • Cold foil – full or partial with the ability to tint. Only two percent of printers offer cold foil application to shrink sleeves

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