The Inovar Difference

At Inovar, we believe in the entire customer service experience. Our expert sales, technical, design and production staff will walk you through every phase to move your product from thought to marketplace.

With a team of experts, we help make your product stand out through our complex, dynamic design and expertise in substrates, inks, application and equipment. Our sales, design and technical experts work side-by-side with you, holding your hand through every phase, as we transform your product from thought to market.


The Inovar sales team members have a natural curiosity that benefits our customers in a number of ways. They are problem-solvers. They are totally accessible advisers who love a good challenge.

Our sales team begins our customer-oriented partnership with you, often by touring your facility to learn more in-depth your needs and goals. We want to understand how we can assist with concept, design, delivery and beyond. This is our “get to know you” time, and sales team members can advise you on everything from storage requirements and printing frequency to peak times and seasonal products.

Customer Service

Our energetic customer service team members are a natural extension of our sales team. Through regular contact and relationship-building, they ensure that all of our customer’s needs are being met. As a liaison between the customer and the operations, technical and pre-press teams, they walk the job through the full process – from order, to pre-press, to final deliver – handle all quality issues, provide due dates, and manage shipping.

PrePress/Art Department

Our expert team of artists takes your order from vision to reality. Working from your original graphics file, our color expert, plate maker and creative design team translate your concept into a finished work of packaging art that delivers a high-quality print, every time. You’ll be supported by the same creative team every time, so you get consistent, repeatable results and friendly customer service from people who know your products and brands.

Our prepress team uses state-of-the-art Esko 3D software for distortion control. This premium automation engine reduces errors, standardizes results, and delivers quality control and consistency at every stage of production. This advanced tool is used to visualize exactly how a customer design will perform in a 3D environment by mapping it onto a 3D model of the desired packaging and allows us to anticipate any shrinkage or distortion and adjust the design to compensate, producing the expected results, print after print.

Together, our back-end systems, technology and workflows – including our best-of-breed GMG proofing software – produce a true-color (hard) contract proof that you can hold in your hands, so that you can see and feel exactly what your customers will see and feel when interacting with your product.

Technical Liaisons

Our in-house technical expertise sets Inovar apart. Much like our sales team, our technical experts love a good challenge. And they’re often put to the test because Inovar specializes in complex, dynamic designs that you won’t find many other places.

Our renowned technical liaisons – quality control manager and chemistry wizard John Campbell and one-man seal team and engineering expert Ross Owen – are the best in the business. These creative, out-of-the-box thinkers go to the ends of the earth to create effective packaging solutions for our customers, applying their extensive and highly specialized expertise at every step of the design and production process. It’s not unusual to find them accompanying our sales team to client sites, helping to answer questions and resolve challenges.

They ensure that every label, pouch or sleeve is perfectly designed for its end use, whether it’s a waterproof shampoo bottle label or a food package designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Trust them to guide you through every decision, from choosing the right substrate fitting the most complex container shape, always anticipating potential issues before they become problems and ensuring that FDA requirements are met or the right inks are used for the job. Ross in particular, can often be found along production lines nationwide, troubleshooting through any issues that may arise. He is so good, he often finds ways to run machines in ways the manufacturer didn’t  know they could run.

When it comes to your label, sleeve or pouch design, there’s no challenge our experts can’t overcome. Together, our technical team ensures that the name Inovar is synonymous with quality.

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