Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Pressure-Sensitive Label Technology

Pressure-sensitive or PS labels are often called decals or stickers. They can be produced on paper or film materials in many different variations. Pressure-sensitive labels only require light or moderate pressure to apply (or stick) them to a product surface. They can be peeled off and applied by a machine or pressed onto a product by hand. 

Inovar Packaging offers pressure-sensitive labels for a wide range of consumer end markets as well as many industrial applications using a variety of facestocks, adhesives, and printing/finishing options to achieve your product goals.  

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We have short-run digital to long-run flexographic options

Pressure-Sensitive Label Solutions

Pressure-sensitive labels offer many advantages. They are versatile and can be easily applied to many different surfaces including flat, curved, ridged or flexible, and with the proper combination of materials, inks and coatings will work extremely well in almost any environmental condition.


Pressure-sensitive labels can incorporate many different adhesives to fit almost any application. Adhesives can be permanent, removable, short-term removable or security-based.


Pressure-sensitive labels should be eye-catching to the customer and/or provide important information to the end-user while still performing their intended function.



  • Paper: Semi- or high-gloss, metalized, recyclable and other specialty options 
  • Film: Clear, white, metalized, recyclable and other specialty options 



  • Flexographic: UV and water-based inks up to 12 colors 
  • Digital: Labels printed with an endless color palette 

Finishing & Embellishments

Finishing & Embellishments

  • Finishing:  Embossing / debossing, cold foil, reverse printing, die cutting, in-line variable inkjet
  • Inks:  UV, WB & digital, glow-in-the-dark, scented, thermochromatic & more
  • Coatings & Laminates:  gloss, matte & tactile varnishes and laminates

Pressure-Sensitive Label Applications

Pressure-sensitive label projects must consider the intended use of the label, how it is applied, the environmental conditions during the application process, and the conditions the label must withstand throughout the lifecycle of the product.   

Consumer and industrial/durable products face specific environmental hazards that impact the materials and printing processes used to create your label. Depending on your product, Inovar Packaging will recommend the best solution for challenging applications such as: 

  • Severe sunlight and UV exposure  
  • Extremely hot or cold temperatures 
  • High moisture, condensation and humidity levels 
  • Abrasion and scuff resistance 
  • Chemical exposure 

In addition to the above, sustainability requirements are also an important considerations. 

Inovar will evaluate your specific needs and make detailed recommendations using the right combination of materialsadhesivesprinting and finishing enhancements to achieve the desired appearance and functionality of your product. 

Case Study

pressure sensitive labels

Old El Paso


The customer was looking for a high-visibility, transparent label that would be eye-catching while at the same time, allow their customer to see through to the product inside. Label needed to be durable and flexible to maintain its products’ long lifecycle.


Inovar determined the materials and adhesives that were most durable, as well as a printing solution to achieve opacity by using a layer of white to make colors pop.


The final labels are durable and eye catching and will look new through the products’ long lifecycle, while allowing customers to see the contents inside.

Popular in these Markets

Food & Beverage

Old El Paso MultiplePressure-Sensitive Labels for the Food & Beverage Industry

Although a very crowded market, Inovar will work with you to produce dynamic, complex designs that get noticed. Whether your production run is short or long, pressure-sensitive labels are a great fit for food and beverage products. Not only do they look great and stick perfectly at or on any size, shape or surface, they are durable. No matter how many hot and cold experiences your product may endure, your label will continue to look great long after purchase and use.

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Pet Care

VetsBest FleaTickPressure Sensitive Labels for Pet Care Products

Pressure-sensitive labels are an ideal choice for competing in the more than $19 billion pet supply and medicine industry (2019). With a variety of material options, the ability to embellish with complex design and to create any shape with die cuts, products with pressure-sensitive labels are sure to stand out on shelves. In addition to being great looking, they are also very durable, fit on any container or surface, and don’t require heat or activation for application.

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nutraceutical pressure sensitive

Pressure-Sensitive Labels for Nutraceuticals

With half of the American population buying nutraceutical products, how the label design reflects your brand is important to standing out. Pressure-sensitive labels offer a lot of flexibility for creating unique, complex and eye-catching designs. Inovar specializes in producing these effects from embossing and debossing, to cold foil, a variety of varnishes and laminates, and fun options in ink including glow in the dark, scented and thermochromatic. If you really want your products to stand out, Inovar is your best choice.


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Home & Personal Care

Personal Care Intoxicated Cosmetics Multiple ProductsPressure Sensitive Labels for Home & Personal Care Industry

When it comes to home and personal products, these labels need to excel in both visual impact and durability. Pressure-sensitive labels are your best choice. They offer a lot of flexibility for creating unique, complex and eye-catching designs, while being exceptionally durable. These labels will withstand a full lifecycle from shelf to shower or any other handling. Inovar will work with you to determine the best materials and design elements so your labels continue to look amazing and emulate your brand long after purchase.

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34 72 e1387469973401Pressure-Sensitive Labels for the Automotive Industry

The most durable option for the industrial market, pressure-sensitive labels will hold up to the lifecycle of these products. Whether they endure heat, cold, moisture, these high-quality labels are built to last and stick, no matter what surface they are on. And with a variety of material and embellishment options, they will also be visibly pleasing for promoting your brand.

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