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Commitment to Customers, from Thought to Deliverable


Our cutting-edge flexographic and digital presses create customized, pressure-sensitive labels using an extensive selection of materials and die sizes/shapes.


Our design experts work with you to create shrink sleeves that provide high visual impact. We consider every curve and corner, resulting in a flawless finish.


Easy-open pouches are a durable packaging solution that meets today’s consumer demand for convenient, portable products and single-serving samples.

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At Inovar Packaging Group, we work with the latest flexographic and digital printing technology to produce award-winning labels, sleeves and pouches. Our industry-leading decorative product packaging provides eye-catching results that will exceed your expectations. Our sales and technical experts work side-by-side with you, holding your hand through every phase, as we transform your product from thought to market. From rotary tactile labels that add a tangible sophistication to any product, to 360-degree shrink sleeves, to single-serve pouches, we’ll help you make your mark with clarity and creativity.


Our Features

Consistent quality, every time

With set standards and systems in place, you can be confident that you will receive the same consistent, high-quality products every time you order, whether months or years later.

Technical experts on hand for you

Your success is our priority. So much so that we have two full-time experts on hand solely to help with substrates, ink, finishing selections, and troubleshooting throughout your project and beyond.

Complex designs that attract consumers

We specialize in producing complex, dynamic designs – from rotary tactile printing , to cold-foil on shrink sleeves, to perfectly fitting a container’s every bend and curve.

Powerful designs lead to Powerful ROI

It pays to stand out. When you combine different substates and technologies to your container designs, customers notice and products move off the shelves, ultimately resulting in greater ROI.

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