At Inovar, we love shrink sleeves, and it’s obvious we aren’t the only ones! According to Modor Intelligence, “the shrink and stretch sleeve labels market was valued at USD 10.37 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 15.55 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 6.52% over the forecast period 2021 – 2026.” There are a multitude of reasons why shrink sleeves are growing in popularity as a labeling choice. If you haven’t yet considered shrink sleeves for your product, here are five of the best reasons to take them into account.


Because of the truly huge number of brands creating outstanding products, differentiation is a huge factor when you are trying to grow your company. When a customer has hundreds of choices for a product type, it’s incredibly important that your packaging makes an impression. Shrink sleeves have 360-degree design space. What this means for your brand is that there is no negative space on your product, and your design is not marred by any gap. When you spend so much time and energy creating imagery that exemplifies your brand message, why not select a packaging option that has the most space for your thoughtful and attractive design? Shrink sleeves are the perfect way to create a stunning first impression that will last and turn into brand recognition.

With regard to high-impact design, you’re most likely aware of the role colors play in consumer decisions. At Inovar we pride ourselves in our color capabilities, and an Inovar-printed shrink sleeve is no different. We can print the vibrant and on-brand colors you are looking for and give your packaging an added flair with a custom shrink sleeve. Plus, with shrink sleeves there are fewer color limitations and opacity is far easier to achieve than on forms of pre-printed packaging.


Across so many product markets, from personal care to OTC pharmaceuticals, competition is fierce. Every brand is looking for that something extra that will distinguish them from others. Not to mention that with internet retail and the endless number of choices now at potential customers’ fingertips, grabbing the attention of a buyer is more difficult than ever. If you think that your packaging choices don’t matter, think again. Not only do your packaging choices help to differentiate your brand, they also can create lasting brand recognition and serve as a marketing tool, especially if your packaging is unique. However, when you select unique containers, labeling becomes more difficult. One of the greatest features of shrink sleeves is that they solve the issues that can arise from trying to label a product container that is specially shaped.

Shrink sleeves are designed to hug the contours of any packaging, regardless of its shape. If the container for your product is uniquely shaped, finding a label that adheres properly may require special tooling, and if it has rounded features or isn’t symmetrical, it may be very difficult to find an appropriate traditional label that is economically feasible. Shrink sleeves resolve this problem beautifully. With our prepress team’s expertise in distorting and reshaping design elements in proportion to container dimensions, your brand is free to select containers that will set you apart without worrying about the logistics of labeling them.


Today’s consumer is hyper-aware of the significance of ingredients and the manufacturing practices of the products they use. It is expected with increasing fervor that you as a company not only share pertinent product information with customers, but that you do so in a quick and easy-to digest manner, right on your packaging. Including all the expected information on a label can be a design challenge that shrink sleeves are perfectly posed to solve. Rather than resorting to secondary packaging, shrink sleeves provide the extra space you may need to include details of your product. Shrink sleeves not only give you added space for spectacular design, but using the extra real estate they provide to share relevant or required product information can save you money on secondary packaging.


Shrink sleeves offer the opportunity for built-in tamper-evident seals. If you’ve ever purchased a product only to get home and discover that someone had already dipped a finger in it while it was on the store shelf, you know how that experience can turn you off from a product or brand. Inovar can create shrink sleeves that cover the entirety of your product, including the cap, with perforations that allow your customers to feel confident that your product is safe and untarnished. For personal care, food and beverage, supplement, and industrial products, it is essential that potential consumers feel your product is safe, and shrink sleeves simplify the process of securing your packaging.


Some types of packaging are, as we know, less sustainable and harder on the environment than others. Many communities across the United States have seen incredible advances in their recycling programs, but people still often wonder exactly what can be recycled and what steps you have to take before recycling product packaging. If the only packaging on your container is a shrink sleeve printed by Inovar, and the container itself is made of a recyclable material, the answers to those questions are easy. Because shrink sleeves are applied using a non-adhesive heat process, there is no residual adhesive left on the product container, so it is easy to remove the label before composting or recycling the rest of the packaging. 

If you’re looking for a packaging solution that can differentiate you from the competition, shrink sleeves may be just what you needReach out to a us today if you want to learn more!

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