Company Overview

Inovar Packaging Group is proud to be one of North America’s premier flexographic and digital printing companies, dedicated to our customers’ success. We produce innovative labels, sleeves and pouches for many of the nation’s leading brands across industries — from food and beverages to personal care and beauty products, pharmaceutical and healthcare packing and wrapping, and pet and animal healthcare products. Inovar Packaging Group’s headquarters is in Dallas, Texas with plants in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and New England in Massachusetts.

At Inovar Packaging Group, we work with the latest flexographic and digital printing technology to produce award-winning labels, sleeves and pouches. Our three nationwide locations, with similar technology and workflow patterns, work together to ensure a seamless customer experience. And, we’re proud to be one of the few flexo printers with an ISO quality management system certification, ensuring ongoing standards and procedures are in place to consistently deliver high-quality products. Together, with these in place, we are able to deliver consistent eye-catching designs that exceed customer expectations in record time: five days for digital printing and 10 days for flexographic printing.

We understand what it takes to compel a consumer out of their comfort zone to make a purchase. What sets us apart is how we achieve that goal — through customer-committed partnerships. With a team of experts, we help make your product stand out through our complex, dynamic design and expertise in substrates, inks, application and equipment. Our sales, design and technical experts work side-by-side with you, holding your hand through every phase, as we transform your product from thought to market.

Specifically, we have two full-time technical liaisons – expert troubleshooters – to ensure that you make the right choices from substrate selection to container shape, to production and work through any issues that may come up along the way and beyond. John Campbell is on hand as your ‘chemist’ and Ross Owen serves as a one-man seal team, an expert in all things ‘engineering.’ They will work hand-in-hand with you to achieve your most dynamic and complex results.

Nothing Matters More Than You

From your first consultation to our ongoing expertise and support, customers have valued the award-winning Inovar difference since 1964. Your satisfaction is always our top priority. Expect a seamless experience with high-quality results — available in large or small quantities and perfectly timed for your go-to-market needs.

We believe in the power of customer-committed partnerships and together, we can create a design that will move your packaged goods to the forefront — and move your consumers to “yes.”

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