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Sample Pouches, Single Serve Options, & More Flexible Packaging for Food

Inovar Packaging Group has a versatile solution for food brands: flexible packaging for food. The benefits flexible packaging offers are many, and we offer a variety of flexible packaging options as described below. For all of them, we print the material with your artwork and information, ship them to you in rolls, and you or your filler fill and seal

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Four Beer Label Embellishments to Enhance Your Offerings

In the last two decades, we’ve watched the craft brew industry burgeon into a vast market with large and small companies alike finding their niche. But with so many brews out there, you need to present your libation in its best light with beer label embellishments. Why Choose Beer Label Embellishments? While we know the look of a product’s label

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Three Label and Packaging Trends for Food and Beverage Brands

The market for food and beverage products continues the growth it has seen over the last decades, with an expected CAGR of 8.7% from 2022 to 2030, according to Business Wire. With the increasing demand for and sales of these products, companies in this sector are finding themselves with new and greater demands for packaging, leading to label and packaging trends

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