Top 5 Label and Packaging Design Trends in 2023

It’s a new year, and especially in this digital age when massive changes to a design can happen with just a few clicks, design trends are always on the move. When it comes to label and packaging design trends in 2023, you want to make design choices that are not only appropriate for the times but also represent your brand

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Resolution for Sustainable Packaging with Post-Consumer Waste Labels

With the expanding consumer-driven focus on sustainability throughout a product’s supply chain, it’s not surprising that companies are more and more often looking for label printers who can help them align with their sustainability goals like post-consumer waste labels. At Inovar Packaging Group, we have many internal processes and initiatives that help us reduce our impact on the environment, from

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Flexible Packaging for Personal Care Products: Pouches, Single Serve, & More

Personal care products have always played an important role for consumers. From essential items like shampoos and soaps to luxury products for at-home facials, there is massive potential for companies to be successful in this market and have a positive impact on the lives of their customers. Making packaging headway in a market flooded with companies making similar products, however,

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Communicate More Effectively with Informative Packaging Label Graphics

A label means much more to a consumer of today than it used to. It’s a marketing tool that uses its amazing design to attract potential buyers. It is a means through which you communicate to your customer: not only what your product is, but also your brand identity, values, ingredients, processes, and so much more. And as consumers have

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The Value of Sustainable Packaging Choices: Positive for the Planet & Your Business

By now you’re well aware that the trend toward more sustainable lifestyle choices is here to stay. From buying electric vehicles to installing solar panels on rooftops, consumers are demonstrating in a multitude of ways that they are willing to put their purchasing power where their mouths are and start the process of changing the world. How to Make Sustainable

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