RFID Labels


A Large National Brand’s Road to Success with Inovar for RFID Product Labels

When Walmart began rolling out its RFID initiative for products in industries outside of apparel, the Inovar team began proactively reaching out to companies we knew would need a reliable partner to help them achieve compliance. At one of the nation’s largest suppliers of trimmer line and trimmer heads, company planners had not even heard of Walmart’s RFID mandate yet,

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How to Comply with Walmart’s RFID Mandate: Embedding Your RFID in Your Label

From the advent and continued growth of ecommerce to a global pandemic that shut down and disrupted every sector of the economy, the retail landscape has seen huge upheavals in the last decades. As retailers move to increase efficiencies in this new economic environment, inventory accuracy has become even more crucial in business operations up and down supply chains. Walmart

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Making it Easy to Comply to Walmart’s RFID Mandate: Embed the RFID Tag in the Prime Labels

Regardless of your product industry, if you have any aspirations to sell in large stores or are looking for inventory or other tracking solutions, you’ve likely heard of RFID tags. RFID tags are a type of tracking system that use smart barcodes via radio frequencies (hence “RFID) to identify items. The radio waves transmit data from the tag to the

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