Communicate More Effectively with Informative Packaging Label Graphics

A label means much more to a consumer of today than it used to. It’s a marketing tool that uses its amazing design to attract potential buyers. It is a means through which you communicate to your customer: not only what your product is, but also your brand identity, values, ingredients, processes, and so much more. And as consumers have come to expect increasing amounts of information from the labels of the products they buy, having the right label, and the right label printer, is integral to success.

Using informative graphics on your label is a powerful way to communicate quickly and effectively with potential customers. Informative graphics are simply bits of information presented in an easy-to-understand pictorial or visual format. As the demand for informative graphics on labels increases, you can count on the quality of a Inovar-printed label to communicate to your customers exactly what you need it to.

So many of our partners use informative graphics to great effect on their labels. Have you considered them?


Prior to the 1960s, the food people bought and ate was made primarily from simple, whole ingredients. During that decade, however, a growing trend towards packaged food arose, and consumers and regulatory bodies began to consider ways to keep people informed about what they were consuming. It wasn’t until 1990, however, that the nutritional fact panel that is ubiquitous today came into law for all processed foods.

But today’s consumers demand much more than just a simple breakdown of nutritional facts like sugar and fat content, especially for consumable products. And while in the last decades people have become much more likely to read actual ingredient lists, we know that a large percentage of purchasing decisions are made based on a split-second, impulsive, and often emotional basis. This is where informative graphics come into play in influencing someone’s buying decisions.

One of the most effective ways to make your label informative is through the use of graphics. For food products, many of these are standardized, such that most consumers don’t even give them a conscious thought when they see them on a label, but often wouldn’t purchase a product without them. Think Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Organic, or the Recycle logo. These graphics are excellent ways to communicate things about your brand to a customer in that split-second when they are often making their purchasing choice.

But there an untold number of ways to create your own graphics that are easy to scan and digest, communicating the type of brand you are to your customers instantaneously. Inovar can assure you of beautifully printed colors and graphics on every label so you can simplify design, communicate brand values, and generate more emphasis on specific product features. The options are limitless when you print with us.


For the truly massive variety of personal care products, trends in recent years have been comparable to those in the food and beverage industries as far as product ingredients, processing, and labeling go. People want products with simpler ingredients, fewer chemical additives, and transparent business practices. And as in the food and beverage market, personal care products have been subjected to stricter labeling requirements of late. What it boils down to is that people don’t want to put harmful things on their bodies, just as they don’t want to put them in their bodies.

So while most cosmetic, skin, hair, and other personal care products now require ingredient lists, most customers of such products are going to be relying on discovering the “essence” of the product in a quicker and easier way than reading that entire list.

Informative packaging through the use of graphics plays an important role for all kinds of personal care products, whether you want to establish yourself as a natural brand or to share helpful use hints with customers.

One of the best parts of using informative graphics on personal care products is that they align well with the minimalistic design trend favored by many in this market. Rather than crowding a label with wordy product explanations, a few simple graphics can communicate the same information in a way that is easier to digest, more aligned with simple design, and ultimately has more of an impact on customers. And while some graphics are standardized, like the Cruelty Free logo which is so important to many people buying health and beauty products, creating your own graphics that inform your customers and symbolize your brand identity can be an incredible way to create brand recognition and loyalists.


If you have even a peripheral interest in health products, you don’t need us to tell you about the massive growth in the supplemental health product market over the last decades. In fact, the consumer trend towards more health-conscious purchasing choices has been a driving force in both supplement sales and the pressure on supplemental product companies to be more transparent about ingredients and business practices. The need to concisely communicate to customers what they will get from your product is probably more vital to supplement companies than any other type of company.

Informative packaging in the form of simple-to-understand graphics is an outstanding way for supplement brands to show their customers what benefits to expect from the product, how to take it, the ingredients that are used, and more.

The incredible opportunities informative graphics provide are probably the reason why some supplement brands were so early to adopt them and why so many are using them to great effect today. While supplements and vitamins do not face the same regulatory requirements as prescription drugs, that does not mean that customers don’t demand efficacy and safety from them.

There are huge benefits to be had from implementing informative graphics in really any product market, not just those we discuss above. But those graphics need to look just right to achieve the impact on customers you are looking for. Inovar Packaging Group has been a trusted label supplier of brands in the food and beverage, personal care, and supplement industries decades. If you’re ready to discover how a Inovar-printed label can include the graphics that will help you share the information the customers demand about your product, contact us today and we can get a move on your next high-impact label project!

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