Consider Thermal Transfer Paper for Variable Data Labels

Variable data: information that you want included on your label that isn’t the same for every offering you have. For many companies, especially those on the larger size, it makes the most sense financially and time-wise to have us print variable data for you. Whether you have different flavors, lot numbers, or any other information that isn’t the same for all your labels, we have many ways for you to incorporate that variable data quickly and easily on your labels as needed.

But for smaller companies, for whom label information to be included may change frequently, having labels pre-printed may not be the best choice. We work with many brands who find themselves in this situation and offer a variety of options, including selective UV printing and special coatings that enable you to write-in or print the information needed on the labels yourselves. However, if you’re looking for a more all-in-one solution, we have another great suggestion for you: thermal transfer labels.

Every day, clients call us to help them with their barcoding (UPC), lot verification, and numbering needs.. For small label runs, you could potentially save money printing labels or even UPC codes yourself. Our thermal transfer label options are great for small companies in the food, beverage, cannabis, CBD and personal care industries who may find themselves with frequent lot number, expiration date, or flavor changes. As with our printed labels, we customize your thermal transfer solution to your specific needs. 

Thermal transfer labels are not going to be the right option for everyone, especially depending on your label design goals. For many of our smaller partners, however, these printers provide the flexibility they’re looking for. Some of the advantages of using thermal transfer labels include:

  • On demand printing
  • Barcode printing (i.e. UPC, code 39, UCC, QR code)
  • Lot/batch coding
  • Sequential numbering
  • Small quantity variable data printing (i.e. multiple items)
  • Real-time expiration dates

We want to make sure all our partners, large and small, get the labels that meet their needs. Thermal transfer labels are one of the many solutions we provide. If you’re interested in learning more about whether a thermal transfer solution is right for you, contact us and we’ll be in touch.

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