Custom Die Cut Labels for Maximum Appeal

Die cutting is a standard procedure in label production and many other types of print. Die cut labels are made by using a cutting tool of a particular shape. You can picture a flattened roll of cookie dough and think of the die tool as the cookie cutter you’d use to make different shapes. The tool cuts into the material and – voila! – you’ve achieved your distinctive shape. The most common shape for a die cut label is a simple rectangle, and you’ll often also see circular, oval, or square labels as well.

There are plenty of product types and brands for whom a standard label shape will suit well. But when you partner with Inovar Packaging Group, you are not limited to standard label shapes; we can use custom tooling that makes the options for label shapes nearly limitless. Our team of experts is capable of handling even the most complex die cuts and shapes.

Creating Custom Die Cut Labels

We are experts at creating custom die cut labels. Many of our partners in the specialty food arena like to use custom die cuts to add a level of tamper evidence to their products. This often looks like a ribbon-type shape with a circle in the middle that extends over the cap of the product. Using a custom label shape such as this not only helps give your product some shelf appeal, it also can help build trust in customers that your product is untarnished.

For brands in the personal care, wine and spirit, beer, and other industries where customers expect to be wowed by the presentation of a product when there are such a vast number of options available, getting creative with your label shape can give you the edge you need over the competition.  

Die Cut Labels and Unique Touches

Sometimes all you need a touch of added originality in the form of combining a circle and square to make part of your label protrude from the rest. For other brands and products, creating a unique design that mimics mountains in the background or completely separating your logo from the rest of your label with a custom cut may be the way to go.

Using an interesting die cut is one of many ways we can help your package and label design stand out. Once you’ve seen a label with a unique die cut, it’s hard to imagine the product looking any different. The shape of the label can play into brand identity and recognition without extra marketing efforts and can add the extra.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create a custom die cut label for your product, contact us here!

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