Elevate Your Label with Tactile Varnish

Does the holiday season have you thinking of ways to differentiate your products? If you are releasing limited edition or holiday-specific products, want your offering to evoke a sense of luxury, or are just looking for something new to set yourself apart, using tactile varnish on your labels is a high-impact and relatively low-cost way to do so.

Benefits of Labels with Tactile Varnish

Your labels and packaging are often your primary way of communicating with potential customers, and consumers often make split-second decisions based on what your labels and packaging say. Our variety of tactile varnishes enable your voice to be louder than the competition and beckon a customer to engage on a further level than just sight: that of touch.

Tactile Varnish Options

At Inovar Packaging Group we offer a number of specialty finishes and embellishments to help you dazzle your customers. Check out some of many options for tactile varnish we offer here:

Selective Gloss Varnish

Rather than selecting a gloss or matte finish, you can choose both: selective gloss varnish is an excellent way to make certain design or textual elements of your label pop.

High Gloss Varnish

This finishing option creates a wet look that beckons potential buyers to jump in. You can use it to cover your entire label or use it to emphasize particular design elements.

Satin Varnish

This is a highly popular choice for brands in industries as varied as specialty food to personal care as it provides a nice balance between traditional gloss and matte varnishes.

Soft Touch Varnish

For a soft and smooth feel buyers will want to sink their hands into, soft touch varnish is just the thing.

Grit Varnish

As the name suggests, grit varnish is, in fact, gritty and rough to the touch. This finishing coat creates a three-dimensional textured effect that goes beyond what even the most textured papers can do.

Raised Varnish

A high build of varnish creates a raised-printing look and embossed effect. This process is a fantastic way to create a high-end look for your product and make certain features or textual elements pop.

A texturized label allows your customers to have another level of experience beyond the visual with your brand. By opting for a texturized specialty finish like grit varnish or high gloss, adding a tactile element to your packaging design can help you communicate the uniqueness of your brand.

We love to help our customers create custom label looks, and there are few better ways to do so than by opting for a tactile varnish. Reach out to us today to learn more about the ways we can help you differentiate your brand through unique label embellishments like tactile varnish.

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