Could it really be that 80% of people base their wine purchases primarily on the bottle’s label? According to a Vivno user survey sited by, that huge percentage is accurate. And while some large legacy brands may not need to think as much about the look of their label design if their primary buyer is a wine aficionado, for most wine and spirit brands, your label embellishments could be what makes or breaks your sales.

Benefits of Wine and Spirits Label Embellishments

Obviously, not just any old label printer will do when so much is riding on your label. You need a top-quality label that stands out from the competition. Inovar Packaging Group offers many label embellishments to help you elevate your libations. We at Inovar have spent decades partnering with wine and spirit producers, and we have tons of ways to create unique, high-quality labels that others just can’t compete with. Here are four of our favorite options ideally suited to help you differentiate your beverages.

1. Custom Die Cut Labels

With so much creative thinking happening in the wine and spirit industries when it comes to producing, we participate by complementing those special drinks with some special label embellishments. Die cut labels are made by using a cutting tool of a particular shape. You can picture a flattened roll of cookie dough and think of the die tool as the cookie cutter you’d use to make different shapes. The tool cuts into the material and—voila!­—you’ve achieved your distinctive shape.

At Dion, we are the masters of the die cut, and if you can imagine it, there’s a good chance we can do it. When most bottles on the shelf have the same-sized rectangular label, imagine how yours will pop with a custom die cut! And when we say custom, we mean custom: we can create special label shapes, elements cut out to show off your can or bottle material, and more! Check out some of the custom die cut labels we’ve printed in this gallery.

2. Cast and Cure™

The Cast and Cure™ process begins with a UV coating applied directly to printed material. Cast and Cure™ film is laminated to the wet surface. The film’s unique micro-embossed surface then imparts its pattern onto the coated surface.

Not all printers have the ability to create quality Cast and Cure™ label embellishments, but we at Dion guarantee the highest quality on all the labels we print, including those with special effects. If you’re looking for a way to make your label shine (literally) or you want some added security measures built right into your label, Cast and Cure™ may be just what you need. 

Cast and Cure™ offers a unique and flexible way to differentiate your product. The process results in an amazing holographic appearance. There are many patterns available, from dots to stars. The design possibilities are endless, from a sparkling border around your artwork, to taking your logo to the next level, to a simple band of shine.

The film can be applied all over the label for high visual impact or in smaller, more select areas as an accent to existing artwork. In fact, one of the greatest design benefits of the Cast and Cure™ process is its flexibility. The effect is applied only where the UV coating is laid out, allowing for a wide range of design options from spot to flood coverage. We love the idea of using Cast and Cure™ treatment strategically to enhance certain design features to create a one-of-a-kind wine or spirit label.

3. Metallic Label Embellishments

Metallics can be a fantastic way to add some design flair as label embellishments. With both our flexographic and digital printing processes, we can achieve an innumerable variety of metallic colors, from classic golds and silvers, to indigos, magentas, and just about any other color you can imagine.

We have multiple ways of creating metallic label elements, from special inks to more cost-effective options like metalized paper and film, so there are few if any limitations to our repertoire of metallic colors. Our label solutions specialists will guide you to the right choice for your design goals, brand, and budget. Even if you’re new to metallic labels and want to try out something different for a product, Dion’s printing expertise allows you to stay on brand while adding a bit of shine.

Using a metallic base material enables you to create metallic elements in exactly the way you desire on your label, from fully metallic labels to small features or text outlines. We also offer several different finishing options, which can create looks from bright glossy metallic accents to more stately metallic tones with a matte coating.

Cold foiling and hot stamping are two techniques that can create luxurious metallic looks. If you want metallic elements on your label but don’t require the entire label to be metallic, one of these may be an option for you, especially if you are looking for a uniquely high-end finish. The results of the two processes are similar, the difference being in the adhesive application: hot stamping uses a heated die while cold foil requires an adhesive to apply the foiled metallic elements. These techniques are perfectly suited for those limited edition and holiday releases.

4. Specialty Label Materials

When you want a unique look for your product, one of the best ways to achieve it is to opt for a specialty base material for your label embellishments. Linen and estate papers have long been popular among wine and spirit brands for good reasons. The textured look and feel both add an element of sophistication to any beverage. We offer many linen/estate options for labels, but our range of unique materials doesn’t stop there.

If your goal is to create a high-end look for your product, black vellum is a fantastic way to go. This thick material gives you a luxe look unlike any other. If none of this sounds unique enough to suit your brand, we offer wood grain material! This material is made of wood and comes in different finishes like birch and cherry.

Other Options for Wine and Spirits Label Embellishments

We talked in-depth about the holographic effects that can be accomplished through Cast and Cure™ above, but we also offer a wide array of holographic label materials. These shiny, multicolor effects are created when light bounces off this type of foil and they’re sure to make your product stand out.

We offer unparalleled expertise through each step of your label and packaging project. From materials to packaging design, Inovar helps you create eye-catching labels that lead to product sales. The more label embellishments your wine or spirit brand has, the more it stands out. Contact us today to get started.

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