With a product so nice, they had to name it twice, brittle-brittle in Desoto, Texas, is a small batch gourmet candy manufacturer. Beginning their journey in 1988, the Brown family has lived up to their mission of making their products by hand to achieve that delicious “Olde-Fashioned” taste we all love. From peanut brittle to almond brittle and everything in between, featured among labels we love, you won’t be disappointed with the yummy goodness brittle-brittle creates.  

Creation of Brittle-Brittle

Most brittles are created with corn syrup, but not brittle-brittle—they use high-quality ingredients like large peanuts and honey. It’s a snack that is great for the entire family and made to offer a homemade texture and taste in every bite. You can taste the authentic peanut brittle flavor and share it with everyone around you.

Let’s talk more about that heavenly peanut brittle! The texture is crunchy in every bite with whole peanuts. I don’t know how they could pack any more peanuts into this brittle. They suggest as a topping to ice cream or other desserts (yes, please). This peanut brittle is everything you can possibly want in flavor and quality. The brittle is both perfectly airy and crispy, it just melts in your mouth. With a great flavor balance between sweet and salty.

Printing of Brittle-Brittle Labels We Love

Their label is the first thing you see before you devour a few pieces…or the entire tub of brittle. Printed on a silver film, with red and gold foil accents, their elegant labels set them apart from other brittle labels you see on the shelves. With a classy gloss finish, just thinking about the label makes me hungry for some peanut brittle! This is why it sits among labels we love.

You can find brittle-brittle products on their website along with Amazon and even big box stores like Walmart—the convenience of delicious brittle right at your fingertips. And if you’re looking for a label company that is just as sweet to deal with, contact us today!

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