TLMI members promote Label Leaders of Tomorrow

Several leading label converters have joined forces to sponsor a Lunch & Learn event for LLT.

Greg Hrinya, Editor 09.25.23 The 2023 edition of TLMI’s Annual Meeting promises to deliver education, fun, and networking opportunities for its members. The association has emphasized insight on the latest megatrends impacting our industry, from economic forecasts and sustainability to hiring practices and workforce development.

In order to answer member concerns for hiring the future workforce, TLMI has established Label Leaders of Tomorrow (LLT), which is open to future industry leaders of any age.

“LLT places emphasis on the future of the label industry,” notes Mark Pollard, CEO, Brook+Whittle. “It’s a place to foster, nurture, and educate the next generation of leaders that will drive success in our very important industry. As current leaders we need to remember the world is changing at record pace, the needs of our customers and stakeholders are changing, and the next generation can teach us how to navigate this new world. This creates a wonderful dynamic in LLT, two-way mutual learning in a safe environment where priceless networks are built that will last for years to come.”

Five major players in the North American label market have joined forces to sponsor a Lunch & Learn event promoting LLT. Inovar Packaging Group’s Flexo-Graphics, Fortis Solutions Group, Inland Packaging, Brook + Whittle, and Resource Label Group have all taken a leadership position in promoting the workforce of the future. 

“I view LLT as the future of not only our industry but also this association,” explains Tim McDonough, Board chair and president of Inovar’s Flexo-Graphics team. “They are hungry and eager to learn. We can learn from them as well. Ginnie Gandy, Channeled Resources, Mike Barry, Domino, and Katie Harrington, Blue Label Packaging, have done a great job building momentum and driving attendance at events.  The event at Avery Dennison was a huge success and a sellout, which shows the passion they have for learning.”

John Wynne, CEO, Fortis Solutions Group, adds, “The Lunch & Learn is a great opportunity for young professionals to meet each other, network, learn about the various TLMI committees, and ask questions in an informal setting to help them find the best fit for their interests. The future of any organization is dependent on finding outstanding leaders to carry the mission forward. I am incredibly excited about the developing trends and core momentum in our industry and TLMI’s place in securing its bright future.”

Since taking over as TLMI president, Linnea Keen has worked diligently to deliver solutions for members’ concerns. Remedying the workforce challenge has been one of the industry’s biggest pain points in recent years.

“Linnea and her TLMI team do a great job working with LLT to put together great events,” remarks McDonough. “You can also feel their energy at our meetings, which have changed a bit to try to cater to the education of the younger members. If you are new to this industry this is a group you want to join so you can go to breakout sessions and Lunch & Learns to learn the many nuances of the label industry.”

The collaborative efforts of TLMI’s leadership and its members have not gone unnoticed – all in an effort to grow the industry. Sponsorships have been one such alley utilized for growth. “The feedback has been great,” states McDonough. “As usual with TLMI members, all you have to do is ask. Different opportunities appeal to different members, and all have seen the value these sponsorships can bring their organizations. This is a new concept we are trying that members have enjoyed, and I think will grow in years to come.”

The Annual Meeting will also delve into the latest technologies set to revolutionize the future of the label and package printing industry. As label converters and suppliers embrace change, the next-generation workforce will experience a host of new technologies – such as digital printing and automation – that are far more prevalent now than ever before.

“The label industry has embraced technology and therefore is incredibly strong and vibrant,” says McDonough. “TLMI will be there alongside of it every step of the way. As decorating technologies have changed, so has the association. We have made the attempt to offer more in the way of education on products and equipment. Our industry is not any different than other maturing industries in that we are being asked to do more and more for our customers. I am certain many of our members are doing things they would not even have thought of 10 years ago. This trend will continue, and we will embrace it.”

Despite the challenges the industry has faced in recent years, Pollard is still bullish on the future. “The good news for our industry is that nothing moves in America without a label,” he says. “Labels are at the heart of this consumer driven economy. So, the future is bright, but that doesn’t mean the industry is stable. On the contrary, change is faster than we’ve ever seen it.  You must understand the changes, think about the implications, and plan your business strategy accordingly. There is only one place I know to hear about the change, learn about the implications and have educated dialogue and network with experts in our business, and it’s TLMI.”

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