Our Locations Spotlight: Dion Label Printing, Westfield, MA

At Inovar Packaging Group, we currently have seven nationwide locations, including the state-of-the-art Dion Label Printing facility in Westfield, MA. We are working expeditiously to grow that number to provide even more options for our customers across the nation and beyond.

What Does Dion Label Printing Do?

Each plant works with the latest flexographic, digital, and hybrid printing technologies and workflow patterns to produce award-winning labels, sleeves, and pouches to ensure a seamless customer experience. We have ISO-certified standards and procedures in place that ensure each job is printed consistently, no matter which plant it is printed or reprinted in.

The benefits of being part of this amazing family of companies range from comparing notes with other leaders in the industry to having the backing to continually improve and innovate our technologies and processes. One of the greatest benefits, both to each location and to our customers, is the relationships fostered across like-minded label and packaging companies. Dion Label Printing, located in Westfield, MA, is one of those companies.

Quality Label Printing

As a label printer that has been in business for over fifty years, Dion Label Printing has extensive experience providing superior quality print solutions for brands across a variety of product markets. They print outstanding labels and other packaging options for companies of all sizes. They offer many material options, specialty solutions, and custom labels for brands from a wide variety of industries.

Dion Label Printing strives to elevate their customers’ brands through high-quality printed labels and packaging. As a leader in the narrow web printing industry, they continuously endeavor for the highest quality service and product while pushing to innovate in both digital and flexographic printing.

From brand new to more established brands, all of their customers receive the same outstanding level of service. They provide dedicated representatives to every client to make sure all needs are fulfilled. They pride themselves on fast response times, availability, and diligence. They have multiple certifications for color, consistency, and FDA regulations.

Dion Label Printing Standards in Westfield, MA

Dion Label Printing continues to change, grow, and innovate after over 50 years in business. Their goal for the future is to maintain the quality standards that helped establish their company as a trusted printer in the narrow web industry, to strive to incorporate sustainable practices into their daily operations, and to expand their capabilities to provide services to a growing breadth of customers and markets.

As always at Inovar, we work closely with you to provide impeccable quality labels and unparalleled service; our many locations, including Dion Label Printing in Westfield, MA, allow us to do so even more thoroughly and for a larger number of packaging solutions. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our growth and how we can help you reach you.

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