Our Online Portal Makes Everything Label Related Easy

Did you know we offer an online portal to simplify everything about ordering labels?

At Inovar Packaging Group, we are always striving to innovate our processes and make the experience of our customers as simple and pleasant as possible. We also take the requests and suggestions of our customers to heart. To that end, we’ve developed a new web-based customer portal that integrates with our internal Management Information System (MIS). Not only does Inovar provide you with impeccable quality labels and outstanding customer support, now you will be able to conveniently check your order status, product details, and much more directly from your device.

With our online portal, you can track orders, compile communications and get labels faster. This web-based portal is accessible on any device 24/7. All orders, schedules and internal communications are readily available with one login. Simply log in wherever you are and find what you need.

Is it after hours and you just can’t wait for the response from your customer support specialist? Log in wherever you are and find what you need. Here are a few of the key features we now offer through our portal:


When you log in to our portal, you will be brought to your account page. Here you will be able to update your profile, change your password and update any notification settings you desire.


You will see a listing of your most recent orders here.

  • The list of your orders will show as most recent at the top to oldest on the bottom
  • You can use the search bars to quickly locate a certain order
  • When you click on an order, it will bring up a detailed order history such as:
    • Ordered by, order date, delivery method, quantities and products ordered, PO numbers, packing slips, and invoices


You will see all of your active products here.

  • You can change the view of this page to fit your needs. You can view as images or in a list form
  • You can sort your products by different categories such as:
    • Product ID, description, shape, group ID, size across, and size around
  • You can also use the search bar to quickly look for a certain product or navigate through your products using the page arrows
  • When you click on a product, you will see all the products details such as:
    • the product size, material, number of colors, finishing details, and packaging details
  • You can also download an image of the product file and view the PDF proof of the product

You can download a complete guide to our customer portal here, or if you want to get started with our portal, contact us today.

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