Selecting the Right Material for the Perfect Pet Label

Choosing the right material for your pet labels may be more important that you think. Because more and more people are prioritizing the purchase of pet products, especially those that improve their pets’ health and wellness, your label needs to communicate to potential customers exactly what type of brand you are.

Label Quality Matters

If your label is peeling, out of registration, or has faded colors, there’s a good chance a customer will skip right past your product on the shelf and move to one of the many other options. Luckily, Inovar Packaging Group can help make sure you have the right label, whether your product is a bag of treats or a bottle of pet shampoo.

Matching Label Material to Packaging

The first step toward determining what type of material will work for you products is assessing your packaging.

Pet products come in nearly every type of package imaginable: bags, plastic and glass bottles, boxes, etc. And not every type of label material will adhere well to every type of packaging. If you’ve never considered the problems that may come from choosing a label material that doesn’t adhere properly to your packaging, you’re not alone; our experienced label team at Inovar will work with you every step of the way to make sure that the labels we create with you will work with your product packaging, no matter what type it is.

Our team will advise you on what material options will work best and send you material evaluation samples to test when required for every unique label project. Don’t set yourself up for the unpleasant surprise of finding your label peeling after a few weeks on the shelf—let our experts guide you to the right label material and peace of mind.

Crafting Your Brand Message

After our specialists have helped you determine what materials will give you the best adhesion and stability, it’s time to figure out what message you want your brand to communicate with your label.

It’s more than likely that your brand already has a mission and brand identity if you’re ordering product labels. But it’s important to keep in mind that your label itself is one of the first and most direct ways that identity will be communicated to potential customers.

Customizing Your Label to Your Brand

If your primary brand mission is to promote a pet’s health through natural and organic ingredients, you may want to consider a post-consumer waste recycled material. On the other hand, if your brand is selling products to give those fur babies a bit of luxury, perhaps a metallic or textured material is the right choice for you.

Enhancing Your Label for Impact

We have an extensive inventory of substrates and decades of experience working with pet companies, so we are always able to help you get both the look and the quality of your label just right. And while pups and kittens are much more concerned with the tasty treat inside the packaging, their people are constantly influenced in their purchasing choices by the image product packaging communicates.

We offer a number other high decoration label solutions, from custom die cuts to Cast and Cure™ effects and much more. If you’re looking for a way to make a statement with your label, we suggest you book an Innovation Meeting with us. We have a unique Innovation Book that offers you a hands-on experience with most of our label embellishment options, and we’ll work directly with you and your designers to create a label that accomplishes all your design and packaging engineering goals.

Learn More About Perfect Pet Labels

Want to learn more about the ways to create the perfect pet label? Reach out to a label specialist today!

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