Smaller Packaging Bringing Bigger Benefits to Brands

The “try it before you buy it” mentality has reshaped the way industries are packaging their products. There is a truly huge array of all types of products available to consumers. If someone is in the market for a new type of lotion, for example, how are you going to get them to make the leap to your product over another brand’s? Smaller packaging is one excellent method that is meeting consumer needs while also benefiting brands and increasing revenue.

The Challenge of Introducing New Products

As a business, you want to get your product in the hands of as many people as possible, but customers can be tough nuts to crack when it comes to trying new things. From their prospective, buying an unfamiliar product has risks associated with it, and without something to incentivize them, most people are likely to stick with the things they know.

Consumers are, however, much more likely to purchase a product they’ve never tried before if it’s offered in a smaller trial size because the risk seems smaller too. Brands who exclusively offer their products in a standard, full size could be missing the opportunity for a sale. By giving your consumer a trial size of your product at a lower cost than your standard-sized product, you will appeal to consumers who have not yet established loyalty with your brand.

The Role of Small Packaging in Personal and Home Care Industries

Many of our partners in the personal and home care industries create smaller trial versions of their products. The label design remains the same and is easily recognizable to consumers who have purchased the product before. The only difference is the size of the bottle with a smaller label. Companies who sell household or personal care products can increase their sales and convert customers simply by creating sample sizes of their products so consumers can use the product in the comfort of their own home before deciding to purchase a larger quantity.

Others that benefit immensely from sample-sized products are food, beverage, wine, spirits, and craft beer industries. The option to buy smaller products encourages impulsive purchasing decisions, allows consumers to experiment with new brands, and creates affordable gifting options. Selling small sample or trial sizes of food and drink products are great options for craft and specialty producers who are concerned with getting their product out there or want to create a miniature version of an existing product.

Leveraging Sample Pouches for Customer Engagement and Product Diversity

One of our favorite ways to maximize smaller packaging is something many of our partners in the supplement industry use regularly: sample pouches. Not only does offering a bit of your product in an individual sample pouch help you establish a meaningful relationship with your customer, it has the added benefit of inducing them to try different products you make and creating awareness around your other offerings. With ten locations throughout the US, we do much more than just labels at Inovar Packaging Group, so whether you want labels for smaller packaging that complement your existing products or a custom single-serve pouch, we’ve got you covered.

Buying smaller, sample-sized products is a convenient and accessible option in the fast-paced environment we live in. Inovar creates labels and other packaging solutions in many shapes and sizes, perfect for small packaging. Contact us today for a quote!

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