Sustainability Series: Using Recycled Materials for Labels and Packaging

In our blog last week, we broke down some of the ways we can help you create sustainable packaging by making your packaging recyclable. In case you missed it, we created a convenient easy-to-follow guide about some common primary packaging containers and the combination of label materials to use with them so your packaging can be recycled effectively.

Today our topic is how to use recycled materials for labels and packaging, including sustainable materials. Inovar Packaging Group offers many label materials that are made up of recycled content or other materials that are more sustainably sourced.

Recycled Materials for Labels Availability

 We have a wide variety of recycled materials for labels and packaging that are made from different amounts of post-consumer waste (PCW) material available, from 30% PCW to 100% PCW material. We have previously discussed PCW material and what it means for your sustainability, business, and design goals in detail. Generally speaking, however, we can work with you on your specific needs, so substituting PCW material for new material won’t cause a major upheaval for you.

Some popular materials we offer with PCW content include:

  • Clear, white, or silver BOPP
  • Clear, white, or silver polyester
  • Semigloss and dairy grade paper
  • Textured and specialty paper

Sourcing Recycled Materials for Labels and Packaging

Lately, we have also been able to source more recycled materials for labels with liners comprised of recycled content as well. We are now proud to offer PCW materials that come on a rPET liner that contains 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. We’ve even sourced a label liner that boasts 90% PCR content. We also have access to inks and adhesives comprised of renewable content.

Sustainability in Label and Packaging Materials

Sustainability is something we take seriously, and we know you do too. Whether you’re new to solutions like recycled materials for labels and packaging or have been committed to sustainable practices for years, the experts at Inovar Packaging Group will help you find the right option for your brand and application. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss a custom sustainable solution that will work for your product, brand, budget, and design.

And don’t forget to check in next week to learn about how we can help you reduce your packaging.

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