Three Label Features for Supplement Products: Space, Security & Color

Supplement health and nutritional products require more from their labels than many other consumer products. With the increasing demand for and sales of supplements, companies in this sector are finding themselves with greater and new demands for packaging. Inovar can help you with label features for supplement products!

Label Features for Supplement Products

Although nearly all industries have their own specific concerns with packaging, supplement products and companies may face even more perplexing questions when it comes to creating the right label because of all the regulatory requirements and consumer concerns regarding health products.

One of our areas of expertise at Inovar Packaging Group is labels and packaging for supplement products. Unique from other labels, supplement labels are especially dependent upon quality, accuracy, and detailed documentation. We are a full-service label printer and offer custom solutions for our supplement partners, but here are three of the most popular features to solve the unique needs of these brands and products: extended content labels, built-in security options, and on-brand, GMI Certified colors.

1. Extended Content Label Features for Supplement Products

Extended content labels, also known as ECLs and expanded content labels, are extremely effective tools for supplement and other nutritional product companies. While traditional labels are printed on one side of a piece of material, ECLs give you more space for a wide variety of information and can free space up on the front of your label for branding and essential product information.

With so much regulatory information to include, extended content labels are an excellent solution for supplement manufacturers. Inovar Packaging Group offers a variety of extended content labels for supplement products, including vial labels which are perfect for very small containers, peel back labels which provide one panel of extra print space, and booklet labels which we can customize to include several extra panels. Find which ECL is right for your product here.

2. Built-In Security Label Features

With health supplements, counterfeiting and other safety concerns are often center stage when it comes to packaging supplement products, and Inovar has the tools and knowledge to create packaging to assuage any worries about safety and legitimacy. We can provide tamper-evident labels and tamper-proof shrink sleeves.

We also offer microtext, also known as microprinting, as one way to add anti-counterfeiting features without high added cost. Another security feature that adds very low cost to a label is using black light additives in your labels as a security check. We can add an optical brightener additive into coatings that indicates if the label is counterfeit or not when put under a black light. Other security features including clear and foil seals are also available. 

3. On-Brand Color Labels for Supplement Products

With intense competition for supplement products and the tendency of consumers to trust brands they know and recognize, the importance of color consistency on labels and packaging really can’t be understated. What’s more, if a supplement label is not printed with perfect registration and color, a customer is unlikely to purchase it since it will appear to be of substandard quality. We fully recognize the importance of color matching and ensuring that every aspect of printed packaging is perfect; our extensive quality control process means that you will never have to worry about the quality of your labels or packaging.

No matter what type of supplement products you produce, Inovar Packaging Group has the label and packaging solutions to solve the challenges you face. If you’d like to see samples of our impeccable work for yourself, contact us today.

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