Top 3 Benefits of Working with a Nationwide Label Printer

At Inovar Packaging Group, we currently have nine nationwide locations. We are working to expand that number by year end and provide even more locations and printing capabilities easily accessible to our customers. Here are the top 3 benefits of working with a national label printer:

1. Innovation & Capacity Growth

Innovation is in our name and a key part of our strategy. The Inovar team works with the latest flexographic, digital, and emerging hybrid technologies to produce best-in-class labels and packaging. As we continue to expand our presence nationwide, our capacity to support customers grows. We are excited to be able to offer expansion to existing facilities and growth into new ones. Currently we are expanding an existing facility in Wisconsin and our Texas headquarters in moving to a larger location entirely!

2. Board of Industry Experts

An added benefit of being part of a large family of printers is the amount of industry experts we have on the Inovar team. Each location has experts and specialists in differing verticals of labels and printing ready to help with your complex project. Innovation is a key growth value for Inovar and we have professionals ready to assist with packaging research and development.

3. Disaster Relief

Should the unthinkable happen, Inovar has a strategy in place to ensure on-time delivery for our customers. With nine plants integrated nationwide we offer built in redundancy and disaster recovery if needed. Our key supplier relationships allow us to store materials both in house and at our supplier locations to meet the needs of our clients.

As always at Inovar, we work closely with you to provide unparalleled quality labels and service. Our many locations allow us to do so even more thoroughly and for a wider array of packaging solutions. Contact a label solutions specialist today to lean more and keep an eye out for new acquisition news here on the blog!

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