The way that a product is packaged, labeled, and designed can have a dramatic impact on sales. The aesthetic appeal of a product has always been important, but now it is more vital than ever. In today’s competitive world, it is of the utmost importance that brands pay attention to how they package and label their goods. 

Today, we want to explore how pressure-sensitive labels can boost the quality of your products while also contributing additional benefits to your brand.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels: What Are They And What Do They Do

When a shopper walks through the aisles of a store, they pay more attention than they might realize to the way that products are packaged. According to a survey compiled by LinkedIn, more than 80 percent of shoppers would pick up a product to inspect its packaging.

The goal of proper packaging is to provide shoppers with key information while drawing their eye and attention through positive branding. A great product label can impart a variety of nuggets of information regarding the product itself as well as the company behind it.

  • What EXACTLY is a pressure-sensitive label? – As it turns out, all labels are not made equally. Pressure-sensitive labels were first invented in 1935 for pharmaceutical products. Now, we understand pressure-sensitive labels to maintain three key layers: face stock, adhesive, and the release liner. These labels are stickers, decals, and product identifiers for everything from toys and food to medical products.

While ostensibly simple products, this type of label is incredibly dynamic and flexible for application in a broad range of industries. 

Key advantages of using pressure-sensitive labels include the following:

  • Simplicity – Pressure-sensitive labels are known for their easy application and quick utilization. These simple labels can easily adhere to just about any surface. Utilizing moderate pressure, PS labels can be applied by hand or a machine.
  • Flexibility – Thanks to their dynamic nature, PS labels can be formed in nearly unlimited configurations for die-cutting machines. This gives business owners and manufacturers unlimited access to the labels that they need to sell their products. Inovar Packaging Group has helped clients with pressure-sensitive labels in the personal care, nutraceutical, industrial, and food industries among many others.
  • Pick Your Design – When we look to pressure-sensitive labels from companies like Inovar, it is easy to see why so many clients are flocking to the style. Pressure-sensitive labels can be developed on paper or film. Additionally, PS labels can feature metalized, foil, glossy, textured, and matte finishes.
  • Modern Marketing StandardsPressure-sensitive labels are compatible with HD printing which makes them the ideal solution for modern marketing standards. Full customization in high definition will give teams from every industry the chance to market their products with winning labels.
  • Great Branding Tool – One of the leading reasons to consider using pressure-sensitive labels for your products is due to how effective they are for branding purposes. Due to the dynamic nature of the PS label, business owners can have the exact design they need to stand out from the crowd. A study published by Ipsos showed that nearly 72 percent of consumers were swayed by packaging design. Take a look at competitive businesses within your industry to see how other labels are using branding to their advantage.
  • Time-and-Money Saving – Finally, we want to highlight the fact that PS labels are fully customizable, easy to automate, and ideal for quick application. These labels are a great choice for businesses looking to cut costs while creating great products that stand the test of time.

When it comes time to select professional branding options for our business or brand, it is vital that we understand what makes us unique. Packaging should always tell a story about your brand and the product that you are offering to the world. Paying attention to color, images, and display sizes can all impact how a product fares.

A study published by Forbes showed that consistent brand presentation increased revenue up to 23 percent for businesses in 2020. To say that branding is simply about style would be wrong as the evidence is clear that presentation matters a lot.

Evolve Your Brand With Pressure-Sensitive Labels by Inovar

As marketing becomes increasingly important for businesses in today’s visually driven era, proper product labeling will only become more vital. In order to enjoy professional labeling solutions, consider turning to Inovar for your pressure-sensitive labels.

Inovar Packaging Group supplies North America with premier digital printing and flexographic solutions, introducing innovative labels, pouches, and sleeves for industries across the board.  Contact our label experts at Inovar and let us help you create high-quality pressure-sensitive labels today!

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