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Extended Content Label Technology

Legal requirements and other regulations mandate brands include significant information and data on product labels. Often the product label is too small to contain this vital information, and an extended content label is an ideal solution for the brand.

Extended content labels allow the outer label to be decorative and market the product and brand, while the internal layers contain vital information to comply with regulations and inform the consumer about necessary product details.

We specialize in multiple types of extended content labels, like peel and reveal, cut and stack dual-ply, booklets, and coupons. Read on to learn more about each label type.

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Extended Content Label Solutions

Inovar understands the critical nature of delivering the right message to your customers. If your message is larger than the space available on your product, our team can help you transition into a multi-layer solution. These labels are especially ideal on small products that require a lot of content, whether regulatory information, ingredients, instructions or multi-lingual content.

Let us help you address challenges with:

  • Space constraints for regulatory information
  • Detailed instructions
  • Co-branding and marketing
  • Recipes
  • Coupons and rebates
  • Promotional programs
  • Product registration details

Inovar has significant experience producing extended content labels for many markets. Our technical experts will help you select the right combinations of production options to fit your unique needs.

Extended Content Label Types

Peel and Reveal Labels

You don’t have to sacrifice your branding to comply with regulations. Include all your necessary product details with our durable peel and reveal labels, which open and reseal to provide room for additional text or graphics. These labels are a perfect solution for any industry that requires lengthy information to be included on its product.

Cut and Stack, Dual-Ply Film

Inovar offers an innovative, resealable dual-ply label option for the cut and stack market, which is primarily used on cans and wraps a full 360 degrees around the container. Our peel-and-reveal labels are printed on dual-ply white or metalized film. We use our innovative material constructions and unique production processes to create impactful, low-profile designs with up to three printed sides. They are highly durable, static free, product resistant, and can withstand the varying temperatures of production environments without curling.

Booklet Labels

For more extensive copy, a booklet format is an ideal solution. These labels are designed to include extensive information in a compact space, reducing label costs and maximizing your branding impact. Inovar takes the printed content and folds it in accordion or roll fold format, then adds it to the base to create booklet labels. They can also be produced to permanently remain on the package or be removable.

Instant Redeemable Coupons

Products are increasingly seen on shelves with extended content labels that offer rebates. Our technology enables us to create extended content labels with up to three layers to market your information. Enhance your promotional strategy with our IRC labels, while ensuring your products remain on brand and stand out to consumers.

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Popular in these Markets

Food & Beverage

liftedFood & Beverage Industry

More and more, food products are seen on shelves with extended content labels that promote rebates. These durable labels have the offer on the front and then peel open to reveal the details. Inovar has the technology to create extended content labels with up to three layers, allowing our customers to deliver their message fully.

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Pet Care

Screen Shot 2020 10 30 at 5.36.24 PMPet Care Products

Extended content label technology can be used for various types of pet care products, including spray bottles, food containers, snack packages, and general pet supplies. Much like human products, there are specific details, instructions and regulatory information that needs to be included on the product label. Where you need two or three layers of of space for your content, Inovar will help ensure you are maximizing that space and utilizing the most ideal materials for your products’ needs.


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peelNutraceutical Products

These labels are particularly ideal for nutraceutical/pharmaceutical products that often need to convey federal regulations or have a lot of information to pack onto their packaging. Inovar can fit any type of container with attractive and high-functioning expanded content labels that grab your customers’ attention and earn brand trust.


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Home & Personal Care

Gordons bookletHome & Personal Care Industry

As more regulations are passed requiring extensive amounts of information to be on product labels, the more the needs for extended content labels. These are an especially great fit for products that use small bottles or containers. Extended content labels provide the surface area without having to refit products into larger containers. Inovar offers a wide range of materials, including those that allow for resealing.

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