Personal care products have always played an important role for consumers. From essential items like shampoos and soaps to luxury products for at-home facials, there is massive potential for companies to be successful in this market and have a positive impact on the lives of their customers. Making packaging headway in a market flooded with companies making similar products, however, can be a challenge.

Packaging Options for Personal Care Products

Inovar Packaging Group has a versatile solution for personal care products: flexible packaging. With our seven nationwide locations, our range of capabilities is vast. The benefits flexible packaging offers to consumers are many, and we offer a variety of flexible packaging options as described below. Our flexible packaging options enable your art to be the packaging. We carry FDA-approved materials and offer a variety of size options.

Sample Product Pouches

You want to get your product in the hands of as many people as possible, but customers can be tough nuts to crack when it comes to trying new things. From their perspective, buying unfamiliar products, especially new personal care products, can have risks associated. Without something to incentivize them, most people are likely to stick with the things they know.

Consumers are, however, much more likely to purchase a product they’ve never tried before if it’s offered in a smaller trial size because the risk seems smaller too! Brands that exclusively offer their products in a standard, full size could be missing the opportunity for a sale. By giving your consumer a trial size of your product at a lower cost than your standard-sized product, you will appeal to consumers who have not yet established loyalty to your brand.

Single Serve Pouches for Personal Care Products

In today’s hectic world, people are always looking for products that save time or simplify their routines. Pouches offer a great opportunity to make things easy for your customers. For personal care products, pouches, sachets, and other forms of flexible packaging can make it incredibly easy for your customers to make sure they are using the appropriate amount of your product.

Many personal care companies are capitalizing on the use of single serve packaging for products like facial masks, bath salts and powders, wipes, and even lotions and soaps for on-the-go use. Single serve pouches can help all kinds of personal care brands reach busy consumers and create brand loyalty if they can easily bring their personal care products with them even when they’re traveling.

Flexible packaging is a unique way to give your product a high level of shelf appeal and reach more consumers, and Inovar Packaging Group is one of the highest-quality and most reliable producers of flexible packaging in the county. Contact us today to learn more about flexible packaging options.

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