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From financial savings to customizability to protective properties, flexible packaging has become a popular option across many industries. Flexible packages are packages whose shape can be readily changed. It is an ideal solution as it is produced faster, with less materials and waste, at lower costs. And with its combination of paper, plastic, film and foil, it the perfect option to accommodate nearly any grab and go, single-serve and precise measurement products.

Inovar’s team of experts can help you source the right materials – from paper, foil, or film – to protect and promote the product it holds. To differentiate your single-serve product, we can add embellishments such as textured varnishes and other raised coatings and variable print to make them pop.

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Whether it comes to food and beverage, pet care, home and personal care or nutraceuticals, flexible packaging has become a game changer for its:

  • Convenience and ease of use. Besides being lightweight, this type of packaging is easy – to grab-and-go, have pre-measured ingredients, store, open and reseal. This convenience makes products more attractive to consumers, which translates to greater sales opportunities for brands.
  • Product safety and extended shelf life. Because of the multiple layers of a variety of materials from paper, plastic, film and foil, flexible packaging protects the product within. Whether from outside temperatures or from letting things in like air, moisture and bacteria, this type of packaging extends a product’s shelf life.
  • Environmental friendliness. While most packaging materials are currently not recyclable, the overall carbon footprint is sustainable and environmentally friendly.  This is because the packaging process uses fewer materials, is lightweight, uses fewer resources during the production process (water/fossil fuels), requires less transportation and storage space, has a longer shelf life which decreases waste and takes up less landfill space than other packaging options.  In time, as technology continues to improve, the layers used will be made from recyclable polyethylene materials.
  • Branding and design. Because the entire space on a flexible package is printable, it provides manufacturers greater visibility for branding and design. With options such as varnish, embossing, foil stamping and other complex design elements, giving your product maximum shelf appeal.

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Popular in These Markets

Food & Beverage

Flexible Packaging Victoria TaylorsFlexible Packaging for the Food & Beverage Industry

Flexible packaging is becoming a top choice in the food and beverage industry. This method uses a variety of materials – paper, plastic, film and foil – to create pouches, bags, sleeves and other flexible containers. These materials offer protective properties which increases a product’s shelf life, minimizes loss during transit and ensures proper humidity levels and temperatures.

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Nutraceutical Shrink Sleeve Flexible packaging

Flexible Packaging for the Nutraceutical Industry

Flexible packaging brings convenience to the healthy nutraceuticals market with on-the-go, pre-measured and single-use sustainable packets. Whether herbal products, isolated nutrients, diet pills, genetically engineered foods, and processed foods like cereals, soups, and beverages, flexible packaging protects these products from oxygen, moisture, light, dehydration, microbes and bacteria.

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Home & Personal Care

HPC flexible packagingFlexible Packaging for the Home & Personal Care Industry

Flexible packaging is a great way to stand out in the personal care industry. It is popular for its mobility, extended shelf life, ability to keep products fresh, and is environmentally friendly. Flexible packaging is widely used for individual wipes, sunscreen, medicinal creams, shampoo, and more.

Other Labeling Solutions: Digital, Extended Content, Pressure Sensitive Labels, Shrink Sleeves

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