Keep Your OTC Pharmaceutical Products Secure with These Features

Depending on your specific offerings, there are many different rules and regulations regarding how you must secure your OTC pharmaceutical products. Especially in a sales arena like OTC pharma where health is concerned, you need to provide your customers with the peace of mind that your product is genuine and untampered with. If you’re looking for ways to guarantee both the security and legitimacy of your product, Inovar Packaging Group has some incredible options for you. Discover the many ways we can help you secure your product below here.


Long a required feature among OTC pharmaceutical companies, tamper labels and tamper-resistant packaging are simple ways to communicate to customers that your product is safe. Tamper-evident labels (or simply tamper labels) act as a barrier to a product. If they are missing or broken, they provide visible evidence to consumers that the product may be contaminated. They can be created from many materials, including various papers and films. Oftentimes a tear in the label itself will work as an indication of tampering, but Inovar can also create tamper labels with perforations to make for easy removal once the product has been purchased. One of the benefits of tamper-evident labels over tamper-resistant packaging is that we can print them on the exact same material as your primary product label so they match perfectly.

While tamper-evident labels are meant to alert a customer if a product may have been breached, tamper-resistant packaging is designed to protect against the opening of a product container. The most common tamper-resistant packaging comes in the form of shrink sleeves, which Inovar can create to cover the entirety of your product with a perforated seal, or just over the opening of your container.

These are a good option if your product packaging does not have other security features, such as inner seals, to protect it.


In the OTC pharmaceutical industry, inventory control and supply chain management are essential in ensuring both the safety and efficacy of your products. We can print numbers or other variable data, including barcodes, right on your label based on your specifications of range, size, and placement. These can help you manage and track your product throughout the supply chain and help prevent against fraudulent products entering the market, a huge concern in the OTC pharmaceutical industry. Consecutive numbering on labels can make keeping track of product much simpler and might be just the solution your company needs to keep your inventory under control.


Adding microtext, also known as microprinting, is a way to add anti-counterfeiting features without high added cost. Microtext is a microscopic area of text printed on a label. The text is extremely small and illegible to the naked eye but visible under magnification. Words, phrases, sequential numbers, part numbers, and more can be printed in one or multiple locations on a label to prevent re-creation. Microtext can be an invaluable way for OTC pharmaceutical and other companies to maintain the authenticity of their products.


If you are concerned about the counterfeiting of your product, Inovar Packaging provides more solutions for keeping your product safe. Black light additives are a low-cost security feature. We can add an optical brightener additive into coatings that indicate if the label is genuine or not when put under a black light.

You could also apply this selectively on the label to create patterns or words that only appear when under black light.

Cast & Cure™ is a process that is done inline (meaning on one press) and is created using specialty film and UV coatings. The result is a unique holographic look. The specialty film is available in a number of patterns designed to enhance your label. We categorize this as a security feature because it is more difficult to produce counterfeit labels with holographic qualities, particularly custom holographic qualities. Design-wise, the film can be applied over the entire label for high visual impact or in smaller, more select areas as an accent to existing artwork. The smaller the area, and the smaller the pattern, the harder it will be to detect. Additionally, it is significantly more visible on darker colored labels than light, which will help guide your placement.

At Inovar Packaging Group we pride ourselves on our quality and on the options we give the brands we partner with to tailor their labels to their needs. Reach out to a label specialist today to discuss what your security concerns are and we will provide you with a custom solution.

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