Personal care and cosmetic items run the gamut of an almost innumerable amount of product types. From soaps to salves and deodorants to detanglers, consumers are looking for personal care products that help them look and feel their best. But across all sectors of these industries, competition is fierce—so when your product is in front of a potential customer, how do you get them to choose it over myriad others?

The label choices brands in the personal care arena make are incredibly important. The experts at Inovar Packaging Group are here to help you create the best personal care product label for your brand with these three solutions:

High-Impact Design Options

When it comes to label embellishments, we have got you covered. We offer a huge variety of specialty materials, coatings, and effects to help set your product apart. A few of our decorative label options include:

  • Metallic materials and inks
  • Textured papers like linen
  • Holographic effects
  • Cold foil, hot stamping, and embossing
  • Varnish options like soft-touch, textured, and raised printing

We also offer a number other high decoration label solutions, from custom die cuts to Cast and Cure™ effects and much more. If you’re looking for a way to make a statement with your label, we suggest you book an Innovation Meeting with us. We have a unique Innovation Book that offers you a hands-on experience with most of our label embellishment options, and we’ll work directly with you and your designers to create a label that accomplishes all your design and packaging engineering goals.

Specialty Solutions

Another wonderful way to differentiate yourself as a personal care company is through specialty packaging. While there are many factors that go into consumer buying decisions, packaging shape and overall look and feel play an extremely important role, especially in the vast and varied personal care industry where people are often looking for something luxurious or unique.

Uniquely shaped product containers and packaging make a huge impact on potential customers. However, labeling a container that is not a standard size or shape can be difficult or nearly impossible. Shrink sleeves offer the perfect solution. A shrink sleeve is a 360-degree printed piece of film that shrinks with heat or steam to fit around various shaped containers. Shrink sleeves can be designed to cover an entire product container or only a portion of the container. Consumers are drawn to out-of-the-ordinary containers, and when competition is fierce, a unique container with a perfectly fitted shrink sleeve can be a spectacular way to outpace the competition. Learn more about some of the unique advantages shrink sleeves provide for personal care brands here.

Inovar Packaging Group has another versatile solution for personal care products: flexible packaging. With our eleven nationwide locations, our range of capabilities is vast. The benefits flexible packaging offers to consumers are many, and we offer a variety of flexible packaging options like sample pouches, single-serve pouches and more. Our flexible packaging options enable your art to be the packaging, and flexible packaging options can complement the design and branding of your other products with traditional labels. We carry FDA-approved materials and offer a variety of size options. Learn more about flexible packaging here.

Unparalleled Quality

In any industry where there are questions or skepticism around the efficacy of a product as there always are when it comes to personal care products, the quality of the label and packaging used are essential. Peeling or illegible labels or broken-down packaging do not inspire consumer confidence. There are innumerable sources for labels and packaging in this digital age, but just as you don’t source ingredients from irreputable sellers, you need to find a label supplier you can trust.

Quality labels begin with selecting the proper materials for your product and your brand. Our experts will ask you the right questions and help you find the materials that will work with your application, design, and budget. We have a dedicated prepress department (this is the printing term for art department) who will work with you every step of the way to make sure your design, product and ingredient description, and any other information on your label is perfect. Once you sign off on your final art proofs, your label will receive a 50+ point check as it moves through production, and further checks after printing is complete from our quality control department.

Inovar Packaging group is uniquely poised to provide unparalleled quality labels and packaging for personal care companies of all kinds. We have been providing superior quality labels for decades, have eleven locations throughout North America, and are growing at an unprecedented rate. We are a trusted partner of many large personal care companies, and we know the ins and outs of packaging for the industry. In a market where the potential for success is huge but competition is fierce, make sure you have a top-quality label to achieve your goals. Contact us now to get started.

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