Our Locations Spotlight: Precision Label

At Inovar Packaging Group, we currently have seven nationwide locations. We are working expeditiously to grow that number to provide even more options for our customers across the nation and beyond. Precision Label, located in San Diego, CA is one of those companies.

The benefits of being part of this amazing family of companies range from comparing notes with other leaders in the industry to having the backing to continually improve and innovate our technologies and processes. One of the greatest benefits, both to us and to our customers, is our new relationships with like-minded label and packaging companies.

Each plant works with the latest flexographic, digital, and hybrid printing technologies and workflow patterns to produce award-winning labels, sleeves, and pouches to ensure a seamless customer experience. We have ISO-certified standards and procedures in place that ensure each job is printed consistently, no matter which plant it is printed or reprinted.

What Does Precision Label Do?

For 30 years, Precision Label has produced pressure-sensitive labels and flexible packaging solutions with state-of-the-art hybrid printing technology. In 1991, Precision Label began their mission to provide exceptional label and flexible packaging solutions to discriminating brand owners, and Inovar acquired them in August 2021.

Precision Label is committed to being a pine forest in the midst of the daily corporate grind. Their fully integrated state of the art facility is brimming with the latest printing technologies and processes. Their knowledgeable staff consistently provide exceptional customer care with the intent of making your needs their priority. And their industry experience and resources provide you with innovative solutions that outperform the competition. 

Their plant is best known for our NEXT HD™ digital hybrid print technology and their proprietary expanded gamut Hexa-Color™ technology, which allows them to print at flexographic run speeds with all the efficiencies of a digital press. They developed their NEXT HD™ technology to offset the lead time and increased costs associated with traditional flexographic printing.

Contact Inovar Today!

As always at Inovar, we work closely with you to provide impeccable quality labels and unparalleled service; our many locations including Tabco in Kansas City allow us to do so even more thoroughly and for a larger number of packaging solutions. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our growth and how we can help you reach you.

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