Sample Pouches, Single Serve Options, & More Flexible Packaging for Food

Inovar Packaging Group has a versatile solution for food brands: flexible packaging for food. The benefits flexible packaging offers are many, and we offer a variety of flexible packaging options as described below. For all of them, we print the material with your artwork and information, ship them to you in rolls, and you or your filler fill and seal them. Our flexible packaging options enable your art to be the packaging. We carry FDA-approved materials and offer a variety of size options.

What Is Flexible Packaging for Food?

Flexible packaging is becoming a top choice in the food and beverage industry. This method uses a variety of materials – paper, plastic, film and foil – to create pouches, bags, sleeves and other flexible containers. These materials offer protective properties that increase a product’s shelf life, minimize loss during transit, and ensure proper humidity levels and temperatures are maintained.

Sample Pouches

You want to get your product in the hands of as many people as possible, but customers can be tough nuts to crack when it comes to trying new things. From their perspective, buying an unfamiliar product has risks associated with it. Without a bit of extra incentive, most people are likely to stick with the things they know.

Consumers are, however, much more likely to purchase a product they’ve never tried before if it’s offered in a smaller trial size because the risk seems smaller too. This is where flexible packaging for food comes in! Brands that exclusively offer their products in a standard, full size could be missing the opportunity for a sale. By giving your consumer a trial size of your product at a lower cost than your standard-sized product, you will appeal to consumers who have not yet established loyalty to your brand.

Single-Serve Pouches

In today’s hectic world, people are always looking for products that save time or simplify their routines. Flexible packaging for food, such as single-serve pouches, offers a great opportunity to make things easy for your customers. For food products like breakfast goods and packaged options, pouches, sachets, and the like can make it incredibly easy for your customers to make sure they are getting the appropriate amount of your product. Providing consumers with single-serve options that eliminate the need to create extra dishes or use the extra brain power to measure out portions can give them the added incentive they need to make the jump to your brand.

Many specialty food companies are capitalizing on the use of grab-and-go packaging for snack and quick meal options. Everyone seems to have a busy schedule these days, so single serve pouches can help all kinds of food brands reach active consumers.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging for Food

Flexible packaging is a unique way to give your product a high level of shelf appeal and reach more consumers. Inovar’s team of experts can help you source the right materials – from paper, foil, or film – to protect and promote the product it holds. To differentiate your single-serve product, we can add embellishments such as textured varnishes and other raised coatings and variable print to make them pop. Contact us to talk more about flexible packaging for your food products today!

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