How the Right Label Can Help You Achieve Your Transparency Goals?

The value of transparent practices for all types of brands is growing continually. Regardless of the market your company falls into, it is more than likely that you have heard the calls to become more transparent in your product offerings and business practices. If you’ve decided it’s time to be transparent with your customers, whether it be about your ingredients, processing, or brand story, you may wonder about tactics to accomplish those goals.

One of the biggest obstacles brands encounter when trying to implement more transparent practices is how to communicate those practices effectively with customers. Here are three ways Inovar Packaging Group can help you achieve greater transparency through your label.

 Extended Content Labels

To put it simply, the more space you have available on your label, the more potential you have to share information with customers. Extended content labels are a superb way to maintain the design elements on the front of your product that will draw prospective buyers while enabling you to be transparent and share pertinent product information with them as well.

Inovar offers a variety of extended content labels, from peel back labels that give double the space of a traditional prime label, to booklet and multi-layer labels that can be custom-designed to incorporate different spatial arrangements for your individual products. Extended content labels are most regularly used for specific product information, such as ingredient lists and dosage information, but we love the idea of using that extra label space to share your brand story. Imagine the connection you can make with a prospective customer if they are reading your origin story or value statement while holding your product itself in their hand.

Informative Packaging

Consumers are driving a huge movement toward simplification: in product ingredients, in processing, and in design of print packaging as well. The trend toward minimalistic packaging and label design has been on the rise over the last several years and shows no sign of slowing. If you want to take advantage of this trend towards simplicity in design and also share relevant information with your customers, how about using informative packaging in the form of straightforward yet engaging graphics? Rather than including tiny text that lists your product features, you can use various small graphic symbols that communicate the same information in a more appealing and easy-to-digest way.

Many of these graphics are relatively standard (think the NON GMO Project and Cruelty Free logos), but the options are limitless when you print with Inovar Packaging Group. You can create your own graphics that are easy to scan and digest, communicating the type of brand you are to your customers instantaneously. The Inovar team can assure you of beautifully printed colors and graphics on every label, so you can simplify design, communicate brand values, and generate more emphasis on specific product features.

 QR Codes

Consumers have nearly unlimited access to information and are using it to educate themselves about their product choices. They are frequently searching to connect more deeply with the products they are purchasing. Transparent and clean labeling choices enable you to share ingredient and brand information with a customer upfront, fostering a relationship of trust and honesty that will create brand loyalists and enable you to reach a wider audience.

Custom QR codes on your labels are another way in which you can do just that. You can use QR codes to allow a customer to scan your product and immediately access the information they require about your product or bonus stories you’d like to share. One of the best features of QR codes is that they don’t take up much real estate, so your design doesn’t suffer as a result of using one. Plus, you can create greater engagement with people by directing them to relevant and interesting content. As a leader in both digital and flexographic printing, Inovar can print QR codes on any type of label, and your customers can have the quick and easy access to the information about your product they have come to expect.

We guarantee the scanability of all our barcodes, whether they are QR codes or regular UPC barcodes. Having the appropriate barcode for your product is not only essential to getting your product on a retail shelf, it can also help you with inventory and supply chain management. Food and nutrition apps have become incredibly popular over the last few years, and enabling your customers to access your product information through barcode scanning can be a huge boon to your business, but you need the right printer for the job.

Not just any label printer can offer the above features to help you achieve your transparency goals. To effectively communicate your values to customers, you need labels that are printed with the utmost quality, clarity, and color. Contact us if you’d like to discuss the many ways Inovar will support you in all your efforts toward transparent practices.

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