How to Comply with Walmart’s RFID Mandate: Embedding Your RFID in Your Label

From the advent and continued growth of ecommerce to a global pandemic that shut down and disrupted every sector of the economy, the retail landscape has seen huge upheavals in the last decades. As retailers move to increase efficiencies in this new economic environment, inventory accuracy has become even more crucial in business operations up and down supply chains.

Walmart stands at the forefront of this drive toward automating inventory control among retailers, implementing nationwide RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) mandates, and other retailers are following suit. These mandates require suppliers to incorporate RFID tags into their product labels.

For many brands across a spectrum of industries, the idea of incorporating RFID tags into their already existing products can feel daunting. Luckily, the experts at Inovar Packaging Group are here to help you with every aspect so you can achieve compliance with Walmart’s mandate with as little upheaval to your current processes as possible.

We completely guide you through the required approval process from Auburn University. Here are the steps we take toward building products with RFID tags embedded in the labels with you.

STEP 1 – Engage on Product Scope

The journey towards compliance begins by engaging with your Inovar representative to define the scope of your project. Our experienced team will help you identify the most suitable RFID label application for your specific needs.

STEP 2 – Sample RFID Embedded Labels

Next we will assist you in obtaining RFID embedded label samples. These samples play a crucial role in the approval process and will be submitted to the Auburn RFID Lab for evaluation. This step is mandatory to acquire compliant RFID product labels and certified RFID tags suitable for your intended application.

STEP 3 – Artwork, Printing, Encoding

Once your RFID tag samples receive approval, the Inovar team will work closely with you on the artwork, printing, and encoding of the Electronic Product Code (EPC) numbers, which are essential for compliance. We provide comprehensive support and address any questions you may have regarding label application, ensuring a streamlined process that results in an approved solution that meets all printed and electronic data requirements.

Some of the unique benefits of partnering with Inovar Packaging Group for RFID include:

  • We embed the tag directly into your prime label. The RFID tag is hidden so your branding remains unobstructed for customer recognition.
  • Because the tag is embedded into the label, your operational process doesn’t change and you won’t need to purchase additional applicators.

We understand that incorporating RFID tags into your products is a complex process, and we are your trusted partner in navigating this transition. We offer expert guidance, technical support, and customized solutions to help you meet the RFID compliance requirements of Walmart and other leading retailers. Contact us now to get started.

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