Making it Easy to Comply to Walmart’s RFID Mandate: Embed the RFID Tag in the Prime Labels

Regardless of your product industry, if you have any aspirations to sell in large stores or are looking for inventory or other tracking solutions, you’ve likely heard of RFID tags. RFID tags are a type of tracking system that use smart barcodes via radio frequencies (hence “RFID) to identify items. The radio waves transmit data from the tag to the reader to a computer program.

Retailers such as Walmart are rolling out national RFID initiatives to improve inventory accuracy, provide a better in-store experience and drive more accuracy for online and pick up orders. What’s more, in the coming years Walmart, and likely other retailers, these initiatives will become mandates of RFID tags for many product types, requiring brands who want to be sold in stores to have RFID tags or labels on their products.

Select Inovar locations have become early adopters of this technology and are poised to help you get started on the process of migrating to RFID labels. We can help identify the appropriate tag for the project scope, submit it for approval with the Auburn RFID Lab, and provide tag samples for testing.

What type of RFID Mandate tags does Inovar Provide?

Our RFID tags are inlaid into a prime label, enabling you to maintain your branding and design while meeting standards required for ARC approval, which is currently Gen2 Ultra-High Frequency RFID inlays. The ARC program ensures that RFID tags meet or exceed the levels of performance and quality necessary to provide benefit to the end user in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

Inovar Packaging Group understands our customers’ needs for RFID labels to comply with retailer initiatives and, we’re available to provide packaging support. We offer:

  • Retail program compliance
  • Full-service encoding/verification
  • Certification samples program
  • Tag selection service
  • Single-ply/multi-ply RFID label construction
  • Multi-location manufacturing

Keep in mind that when going forward with RFID labels, there are factors such as product type, container type, and label size that will need to be addressed. The team of Label Solutions Specialists is ready to help you assess your needs and get started. There’s no time like the present, as these mandates will continue to come down from retailers and companies will reach RFID capacity quickly, so don’t hesitate to get the ball rolling today!

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