Industrial Product Labeling Basics

The products that fall into the “industrial” market are vast and varied. From major equipment items like machinery and component parts to consumer products used in industrial applications like paints and solvents, the packaging needs and industrial product labeling for companies can differ significantly from other consumer-goods producers.

Factors of Industrial Product Labeling

The application and environmental factors industrial product labeling is subjected to are often more intense than those of other types of products. The warning information on the label is usually even more important to communicate to a consumer or user as well. Having a label that is torn, peeled, faded, or otherwise illegible can be more than an inconvenience, but pose a potential danger.

Inovar Packaging Group is a go-to printer for large and small industrial companies. We offer a variety of substrates, coatings, and adhesive options so that whatever the application of your industrial product, we can help you find the right labeling solution. As with any custom labeling project, our team of specialists will work directly with you to ensure you achieve the functionality you need from your label, but here are some basics to keep in mind when you need to label your industrial product.

Industrial Product Label Application

One of the most important factors that informs industrial product labeling is the product’s application and use. Because the category of industrial products is so broad, there is no one-size-fits-all labeling solution. However, industrial products are typically going to require more robust materials than other consumer goods.

Inovar Packaging Group has a variety of substrates that are well-suited to industrial applications that may involve heat, friction, or even chemicals in their use. Sometimes a basic film material like BOPP will be sufficiently rugged to withstand the stressors an industrial product may face, but often a sturdier, moisture-resistant, and heat-resistant material like polyolefin or vinyl will be required.

It is important to share the precise details of how your product will be used with our Label Specialists when we begin your label project. We have decades of experience creating custom labels for our partners in the industrial product arena and locations all over the United States, so we will guide you to the exact right material for your specific needs.

Industrial Product Labeling and Storage Environment

The environment your product will be stored and used in is also going to play an important role in informing what type of label you need. Perhaps your product does not create heat during its application, but it will be stored in a hot warehouse. There are many instances when industrial products will be used or stored outside and subjected to rough or changing environmental factors. Communicating what environment your product will be used in, as well as the environment during transit and storage, will help us ensure your label will hold up to whatever it faces.

As mentioned above, you are going to want to begin with a sturdy base material for most industrial product labeling, but there are two other components that will determine how your label functions: adhesive and coating. You don’t have to worry about the specifics but sharing application details and information about the environment your product will be in helps us make an informed choice about what adhesive or type of lamination you need.

Spatial Requirements of Industrial Product Labeling

Industrial-use products often need to have lengthy instructions and warning statements included on their labels. Depending on the product’s size, including all relevant use and safety information on a label can be a tall order or even impossible. Inovar Packaging Group offers a variety of extended content labels to solve the spatial constraints of a traditional label for industrial product labeling. Our booklet labels are customizable with two or more extra panels for printed information. Many of our partners in the chemical, paint, and solvents markets regularly turn to us for their extended content label needs.

Whatever your industrial product type, it’s likely we can help you find a label solution that suits your needs. We have numerous national resources to ensure we can accomplish your labeling goals, including unique a location that specializes specifically in industrial labels and another location that can print unique cut and stack labels. Reach out to us today to discuss your product details and we’ll make recommendations for the perfect industrial label to suit your product and application.

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