Choosing the best material for your OTC pharmaceutical or supplement label project can be overwhelming. Inovar Packaging Group is a leader in these technical industries, and we can guide you to the best label material for your specific project.

For OTC pharmaceutical and supplement brands, you need labels that adhere well to your containers and are legible to relay all pertinent FDA-regulated information. You need label material that will be sturdy enough to resist peeling or tearing while your product is in use. You also need the amazing design you’ve chosen to represent your brand and products to be vibrant and appealing. And because you are, after all, a business, the cost of the material matters to you.

So how do you reconcile the different goals you want to accomplish with your label, and how do you know which materials will work for you? The experts at Inovar are here to break down some popular material options for OTC pharmaceutical and supplement labels and some of the key benefits of each.


Films are probably the most versatile label material option, and the most popular among supplement and OTC pharma brands, and for good reason. BOPP has a unique set of characteristics that make it optimal for a huge variety of applications. It is a sturdy, fatigue and moisture resistant material, so if your product will be handled frequently or exposed to moisture or temperature changes, BOPP provides the ruggedness you need. We offer BOPP in white, metallic, and clear options.


Typically, the most cost-effective and simple label material, paper has plenty of uses for supplement and OTC pharma and supplement products. If your product is not going to be subjected to environmental stresses such as moisture and your primary concern is straightforwardness and cost, a paper label may be just what you’re looking for. Paper is a great option for pill and capsule products. As with BOPP, we offer several different paper material options other than just white, including metallic options.


At Inovar, we have worked over the last several years to provide more sustainable options for the brands we partner with. Many of our selections of label material are certified sustainable. And it’s not just our basic paper materials that have met this certification: some of our textured linen and estate options are certified sustainable too.

We also offer labels made from different amounts of post-consumer waste, including 100% post-consumer waste material. While some sustainable label material options do have an increased cost associated with them, having less of a negative impact on the environment and having more of a positive impact on potential customers may make these labels worth it for your brand.


While your base material selection is essential for ensuring you have a legible, attractive, and functional label, the coating that we apply to that material plays an important role as well. We offer two types of finishing coatings: varnish and lamination. Varnish is the less rugged of the finishing options and is typically better suited to products that will not be subjected to heavy handling or environmental stresses, while lamination provides stronger protection and while keep a label looking brand new for longer.

We offer both varnish and lamination in glossy or matte finishes, so whatever look you want to achieve we can accommodate your goals.


Extended Content Labels, also known as ECLs, are extremely effective tools for OTC pharmaceutical and supplement companies. While traditional labels are printed on one side of a piece of material, ECLs give you more space for a wide variety of information and can free space up on the front of your label for branding and essential product information.

With so much regulatory information to include, extended content labels are an excellent solution for OTC pharma and supplement manufacturers. We offer several different types of extended content labels, and you can learn more about each of them here.

Interested in seeing samples of our label material for various OTC pharmaceutical or supplements? Reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to send you some!

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