Cocktail bitters and aromatics have become a staple for craft cocktail mixologists in the past few years, and the industry is expected to continue to grow rapidly. Consumer curiosity plays into this as spirit afficionados search for the best of the best indulgences. Hella Cocktail Co, founded out of New York City, was created by a team with a passion for cooking and shaking up inventive at-home cocktails. With the desire to create a product that would allow consumers to be their own bartenders, Hella Cocktail Co was developed.


At Hella Cocktail Co, taste is king as the company prides itself on “serving elevated beverage choices where great taste is essential, and the buzz is optional.” Their line of products includes a selection of unique small-batch bitters such as ginger, chili, and Mexican chocolate. They offer premium mixers for bloody marys and margaritas, along with a ready-to-drink bitters & soda collection.


Traditional prime labels are utilized for their bitters and mixers, while shrink sleeves are used for their line of ready-to-drink bitters & sodas. Full-body shrink sleeves wrap the slender 12oz cans, providing a 360-design space. Read more about our shrink sleeves offerings here. Hella Cocktail Co utilizes the additional design space to its fullest by including more than just the standard product and nutritional information. On the back of the sleeve, not pictured, informative graphics are included to highlight that the product is gluten-free and vegan. A “Hella Recipe” is also included, which utilizes the bitters & soda product combined with other ingredients to make a highball cocktail. Shrink sleeves allow brands like Hella Cocktail Co the ability to include additional information that may not be possible with a traditional label.


Each of the five flavor offerings is printed in a different soft hue with fruit-patterned graphics. The matte finish on the sleeves provides an elevated feel to the container in a market that predominantly uses a gloss finish for can labels and packaging.


Hella Cocktail Co products can be purchased on Amazon and in many local food and beverage stores. Contact us if you’d like to discuss the many ways Inovar will support you in all your efforts or request samples today! 

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