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Shrink Sleeve Label Technology

Shrink sleeve label technology for the packaging industry was introduced in 2009. At that time, Inovar became one of the first printing companies in the nation to produce shrink sleeves, making us a pioneer in the industry.

With a maximum display area and 360-degree branding, this type of packaging has a powerful shelf appearance and high visual impact. With our in-house experts and state-of-the-art distortion software, we specialize in adding sleeves to any container shape, no matter how complex.

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Shrink Sleeve Label – From Design to Implementation

Our design and technical experts work with you to create packaging that pops from store shelves. We work with your team to find the best solution to protect, promote, and package your product:

full body

Body Sleeves

Full Body

This sleeve goes around the full product but does not include the cap.

full body top

Full-Body Sleeves

Full Body Over - The Cap

This sleeve goes around the full product, including (covering) the cap.


Neckband Sleeves

Neck Band

Also know as Tamper Evident Sleeves, these printable, tamper-proof neckbands go over the lid of a product and can be perforated for easier removal.


Tamper Evident

Tamper Evident

These shrink sleeves secure and protect your product while promoting your message.


Partial Body Sleeves

Partial Body Sleeves

Also known as belly bands, the substrate goes around the product but does not cover the full space.

multi pack

Group Sleeves

Multi-Pack Sleeve

These sleeves are either body or belly band sleeves that go around more than one product, grouping them for sale as one.

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Shrink Sleeve Label is Popular in These Markets

Food & Beverage

Cheribundi Shrink Sleeve

Food & Beverage Industry

Shrink sleeves are especially popular in the food and beverage industry. Products range from condiments and snacks to beverages like sports drinks, juices, dairy products, and much more. Food and beverage brands prefer shrink sleeves in particular because of the ability to use unique container shapes, the 360° billboard effect, and tamper-resistant functionality.

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Pet Care

Pet Care ProductsEspree - Shampoo Shrink Sleeve

Shrink sleeve technology can be used for various types of pet care products including spray bottles, food containers, snack packages and general pet supplies. Much like human food and beverages, shrink sleeves are ideal for pet products because of the container shaper optionality, branding flexibility and tamper resistance.

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Nutraceutical Shrink Sleeve

Nutraceutical Products 

Shrink sleeve labels are vital to nutraceutical marketing for products like supplements, functional beverages and other health-related products. It is essential that these products clearly describe dietary properties, functional use and health benefits. Grab attention and earn trust with an eye-catching, professional look.


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Home & Personal Care

Crazy Beauty Antiaging Bottle Personal CareHome & Personal Care Industry

There are numerous benefits of using shrink sleeve technology for home and personal care products. Incorporating premium features like cold foils and tactile varnishes on shrink sleeves allow designers the ability to maintain distinct brand features on unique bottle shapes. For small cosmetic products such as eyeliner, lipstick tubes, and eye pencils. A shrink sleeve is often preferred because of its ability to cover the entire surface, fit tightly and prevent movement on the product.

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Berryman Shrink SleeveAutomotive Industry

Automotive products such as fuel additives, cleaners, and protectants benefit from the visibility and tamper evidence of shrink sleeve packaging. In addition, because of the full coverage nature of full-body shrink sleeves measurement windows can be incorporated to assist consumer use. These products require durability and long-lasting labels to ensure safety and proper use. Take advantage of both functionality and 360° marketing!

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