Over the last few years, the CBD market has frequently been in the spotlight. Whether people are lauding the health benefits of CBD or making projections about unheard of growth in the market, talk of hemp and CBD has been everywhere. As time passes, it is increasingly clear that all this talk is not just hype. Despite the ravages of the global COVID-19 pandemic on many industries, the CBD market is forecast to continue its growth. What’s more, controlled studies of cannabidiol and its potential health benefits and efficacy are increasing demonstrating what proponents have long believed to be true: CBD can be a safe and effective option to help with insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Building Trust in the CBD Industry through Unique Label and Packaging

With all this positive news, it is as important as ever for CBD companies to deeply consider their packaging and label choices before going to market. Like many dietary supplement or personal care products, most products containing CBD claim to provide some kind of benefit to the customer. And as with companies in the supplement and personal care industries, building consumer trust is paramount for CBD brands.

Your label and packaging are one of the first and most poignant ways you can start establishing that trust with your customers, so you need a partner who can provide you with high-quality labels and flexible packaging that communicate your brand identity and product information attractively and effectively. Inovar Packaging Group is that partner.

Factors to Consider for Effective CBD Packaging and Labels

There are a vast number of CBD product types, from flower to edibles to topical creams, so there isn’t a one size fits all solution for CBD brands when it comes to labels and packaging. And with increasing availability of CBD in various retail locations and online, it’s all the more important that your product, whatever it is, stands out. Here are three important factors to consider when developing your CBD packaging and label:


In any industry where there are questions or possible skepticism around the efficacy of a product, the quality of the label and packaging used are essential. Peeling or illegible labels or broken-down packaging do not inspire consumer confidence. There are innumerable sources for labels and packaging in this digital age, but just as you don’t source ingredients from irreputable sellers, you need to find a label supplier you can trust.

Quality labels begin with selecting the proper materials for your product and your brand. Our experts will ask you the right questions and help you find the materials that will work with your application, design, and budget. We have a dedicated prepress department (this is the printing term for art department) who will work with you every step of the way to make sure your design, product and ingredient description, and any other information on your label is perfect. Once you sign off on your final art proofs, your label will receive many more checks as it moves through production, and further approvals after printing is complete from our quality control department.

We have been providing superior quality labels for decades, and with eleven locations throughout North America, we are a trusted partner of many CBD and hemp companies. We know the ins and outs of packaging for the industry. In a market where the potential for success is huge but competition is fierce, make sure you have a top-quality label to achieve your goals. COLOR


Creating a recognizable and unique brand identity is integral for CBD companies large and small. Doing so is the path to repeat buyers and eventually brand loyalists. Color plays an integral role in how customers connect emotionally with products. One of the biggest areas of concern we hear from customers is that their previous label suppliers were not able to meet their color expectations or match their print colors from one label order to the next.

Luckily, Inovar Packaging Group has locations that are certified Platinum GMI (Graphic Measures International) Printers, which means that we can meet the most stringent of color standards. While many smaller brands do not require a GMI Certified printer for their labels, we apply the same rigorous color standards to all of our print jobs for all of our partners. You can rest assured that regardless of substrate, time, or other artwork changes, your color will always be consistent and on brand when you print with us.


As popular as CBD has become, it’s no surprise that the competition among CBD products and companies is growing apace with the expanding demand. One of the best ways to differentiate yourself is through specialty packaging. While there are many factors that go into consumer buying decisions, packaging shape and overall look and feel play an extremely important role, especially in the CBD industry where the availability of products still feels new and exciting and people want that feeling to extend to the products themselves.

Uniquely shaped product containers and packaging make a huge impact on potential customers. However, labeling a container that is not a standard size or shape can be difficult or nearly impossible. Shrink sleeves offer the perfect solution. A shrink sleeve is a 360-degree printed piece of film that shrinks with heat or steam to fit around various shaped containers. Shrink sleeves can be designed to cover an entire product container or only a portion of the container. Consumers are drawn to out-of-the-ordinary containers, and when competition is fierce, a unique container with a perfectly fitted shrink sleeve can be a spectacular way to outpace the competition. Learn more about some of the unique advantages shrink sleeves provide for CBD brands here.

We also offer a huge variety of other specialty and high decoration label solutions, from custom die cuts to Cast and Cure™ effects and much more. If you’re looking for a way to make a statement with your label, this article on high decoration effects is a great place to start.

Our team is here to help our partners in the CBD industry with the tools they need to create a label that is both appealing and functional. Request a free Sample Packet today to see some of our solutions for CBD brands!

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