Complex Design and Embellishments

Offering unparalleled expertise throughout each step of a customer’s project, from materials to packaging design, Inovar develops eye-catching labels leading to product sales.

We are specifically known for our expertise in designing and producing complex, dynamic, label decoration using rotary screen, tactile varnishes, soft-touch finishes, holographic effects, and multiple varnishes on the same product. We also create special die-cuts and have the option to use sustainable and recycled materials.

The more embellishments your product labeling has, the more your product stands out.


Tactile varnishes can create a very aesthetic look and feel to any product labeling. Varnishes can be applied in many different ways, together on the same label, to create different effects visually, but also with touch – from a soft texture like velvet to rough like sand paper.

  • High gloss varnish for a wet look
  • Satin is a balanced between matte and gloss
  • Matte varnish subdues glare and reflections
  • Soft touch offers a soft and smooth feel
  • Textured for a rough or gritty feel
  • Raised printing from a high build of varnish creating an embossed effect

Cold foil on shrink sleeves

If you’re looking for a powerful design differentiator for your shrink sleeve labeling, adding cold foil is an excellent choice. Adding it to your sleeve is actually a faster, more cost-efficient process than hot stamping because the foil and adhesive are applied using a printing plate on press, so no stamping die is needed. Another advantage, the full label design, with the addition of cold foil, can be produced in one printing pass.

Foils are available in silver, gold, and holographic patterns. Because the cold foil is applied prior to the inks, overprinting can create multiple colors of the foil effect. It can be used for large or very small application areas and is recyclable.


For products exposed to the elements such as heat, cold, moisture, etc., laminates offer the best protection. A laminate is a thin film that lays over the label and provides a plastic protection. Available in gloss and matte.

Holographic Effects

Shiny, multicolor effects are created when light bounces off this type of foil and is sure to make your product stand out.


This embellishment is a fun finish to showcase a product. Under a black light, the ink is activated, showing off a dynamic design.

Cast and cure

This very impactful finish creates a holographic effect without using a holographic material. In this application, the laminate cast and cure film is laminated to the printed material after the UV coating is applied. It is a cost-effective, dynamic effect that looks expensive.


When you want a bright and shiny effect without using a more costly foil, metallic inks are a great alternative. Available in a range of colors.

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